Thursday, June 28, 2007


The last couple of weeks, my eyes have been very open to the power of prayer. It is awesome when you can see things you pray for really come to fruition. I know that God always answers our prayers, but when you have begged and pleaded for an answer, the answer is all the more vivid when it comes about. We've been praying for two families in particular, one that we know personally and one we only know through others and because our teenagers help to raise money for them. We've been equally touched by both. Check out Samuel's story and Lael's story for amazing displays of faithfulness and the Lord's mighty hand. He has clearly been at work for these families. To Him be the glory. Please join us as we continue to pray for these sweet families as their journeys are continuing.

We've had some of our own miracles, too, recently.

First, we are so thrilled that the Lord is blessing us with another child (see details in my last post).

Secondly, and the reason behind the title of this post, we are so thankful to have KJ's passport in hand finally. This seems like such a small thing in the scheme of things, but it sure has been stressful for us. Because I know that some of you were praying specifically for our trip to Houston, I thought I should try to put into words all of the ways we saw God work in just those 24 hours. RRL and I specifically prayed for things to go smoothly (which they did) and that this would happen at the hand of others we would meet along the way. Let me introduce you to some Angels KJ and I met on our trip.

1) As we got in line early Tues am, we were surrounded by people asking how they could help me juggle KJ, stroller, diaper bag, important papers, etc. The line wrapped 4 long times through the office so we were all aware how long this would be for a 13-month-old, especially with guards barking to stay off the ropes, turn off your cell phones, contain your children, etc. As we neared the end of the first straight there was a sign listing important docs that were necessary for processing. I was almost in tears as a realized that, despite asking LOTs of people LOTs of questions, I was missing our one thing, our travel itinerary. Getting out of line to go get it would mean starting all over. The lady in front of me and family behind me were so sweet, offered to hold our place in line, keep the stroller and help me and Kj get out so we could go get the itinerary we needed.

2) The guards were clearly in the room for security purposes only and would not answer any questions related to passports. However, the line for "information" was almost as long as the line for processing so I approached two of them standing beside the door. I started explaining that I needed to get another form (really just my travel itinerary) and the first guard kept cutting me off rudely. The second, maybe because he could tell I was frustrated and about to cry, maybe because he had children of his own, DEFINITELY because God softened his heart- whatever the reason, leaned over, asked me what I needed and literally whispered "Go down to the deli on the first floor, talk to the owner, and ask if you can use his laptop to print something". Praise God!

3) When we finally had all papers in hand we came back upstairs and we were next in line- perfect timing. We went to the window and met our next angel "Ms Torres". She was so helpful when she realized that my pictures were too small (if the papers had been sent for processing with these pictures the whole thing would have been kicked out and we'd have to start again). She told me how to get to CVS (because the place in the building charged way more) and then said "when you get back, tell the guards that I'm holding your papers. Don't wait in line, just come straight to my window". Amazing!

4) Everyone that had morning appointments shows up at 2:30 to pick up finished passports. As you stand in line, some are ready, some are not. Most of the time when there were 2 or more passports in one family (as was our case since i was also getting mine renewed), they were not ready. Amazingly, ours were there!

5) As we drove back home on Tues night it was pouring rain. At times I really was terrified and could barely see the road. I knew that I was approaching a particularly tricky interchange, to get on the interstate I needed I had to exit and go up and over a huge overpass. I was really debating even trying it since I could hardly see the edge of the road, and I was afraid I would hit the side of the ramp. There were no cars around so I couldn't tell if anyone else was trying it. I just started praying specifically about this and really, I'm not exaggerating, out of no where a pickup truck came from behind us with his flashers on and led us up over the interchange and into traffic where there were lots of cars to follow. I get chills as I think back to this angel. AMAZING!

So that's the short version (you know me better than that by now). I just couldn't help but share. I wish I had pictures of some of those faces, of KJ cruisin' around the office while we waited and making friends, or of him trying to share his beloved (and quite slobbery) blanket with a sad little girl. You'll just have to take my word for it!


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Top 5

Below are the top five ways we know that KJ is growing up quickly. They are actually not in any particular order, except that #1 is definitely TOPS on MY list!!

5) He has his own passport! Thank you so much to all of you who were praying for success in Houston. I'll post more details soon, about the angels that helped us along the way, but we are home safely with passports in hand.

4) He is getting very good at making up his own mind. This is not always cute and typically means that what he likes one day does not apply to the next. Occasionally, he'll even take his favorite foods, touch them to his tongue and make a terrible face. So far RRL and I have been able to take turns cracking up and staying strong.

3) His list of animal noises is quickly growing. Current favorites include the lion, duck, monkey and fish. He loves to entertain.

2) He is walking like a champ. He's been taking steps here and there for a few weeks and just decided while we were in Ruidoso last week to take off. I looked over in time to see him just stand himself up and walk off. I couldn't believe it. He hits his head on a regular basis, usually while trying to carry something like a blanket, pillow, or Daddy's basketball shoes. RRL and I hardly flinch anymore when he falls- we're just great parents like that.

1) HE IS GOING TO BE A BIG BROTHER!! I know most of you already know the exciting news, but I wanted to make it official blogger news for those of you that I talk to less often. BL2 is due around January 22nd and we couldn't be more thrilled. We actually found out on Mothers' Day, which made the weekend of fun in San Antonio complete.

He's just so big (but not as big as he thinks he is)!


Saturday, June 2, 2007

So little to be so big

It is so hard to believe that KJL is SO BIG...yet so small! I'm more than a week late with his HAPPY BIRTHDAY post, but things get a little crazy around our house as summer begins. Do not let the lack of blogging recognition, though, fool you into thinking we did not celebrate his big day. Celebrate we did- for almost a whole week!

First, let me just brag...I was up until 2am working on this cake. I was really proud of the results (for a first ever attempt at anything creative).

As for the rest of the party...If you want the fast version, I've posted a couple of actual pictures. If you want to take a little longer, you can watch the whole slide show. As you can tell, he's just a little dude. But he sure thinks he is big. He is trying to walk, into everything, and talking none stop (if only we had a translator). What a cute kid! I cannot imagine my life without this one-year-old. He has taught me so many things in such a short time, and he has even helped me to love his daddy EVEN more than I already did. What a gift it is to be a parent! This last year has definitely come with its obstibles, we are learning to rely on the Lord in a whole new way and some days are just play TOUGH. I wouldn't dare trade away one of them, though, because I would, no doubt, miss out on some slobbery kisses, snuggly hugs, a few good laughs and more joy than my heart can hold. We love you, KJ! Happy late birthday!!

I am glad that KJ's party gave me some time with family. I really missed my brother, though.

We were so thankful that RRL's sister and her family could join us from Central America. What a treat to spend time together!

Red icing was a FANTASTIC idea... It sure was cute though!

The party was fantastic, KJL was an angel and I felt so blessed to have so many of the people who have loved and supported us through this year to be there with us to celebrate! There were a lot of you that we really missed though! Thanks for all you've done to make KJ's first year amazing.



Ps- Here is the slideshow