Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Nonna and Papa Jim

There are days when the miles between us and my parents just seem unbearable, but one amazing blessing about living in another town is that when we are together we are REALLY together.  My whole family was together in June for my brother's wedding, but it was quite a whirlwind of events, so we loved that just a couple of weeks later my parents came to our house for a visit.  We loved that they were here for Lou's birthday party and we so enjoyed our time together.

We enjoyed walks in the park together.

And we visited one of our favorite restaurants, which just happened to have a visiting racecar.  Oh. My. Word.  Two little boy were beside themselves with joy.  It doesn't take much.

and we just enjoyed watching what grandparents and grandchildren do best- being TOGETHER!

Each day is a blessing, but days filled with family are my favorite kind!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ribbons and Bows

When sweet Lou was born she added gobs of pink, ribbons and bows to our lives of blue, trucks&cars, and balls.  So when she turned one it seemed quite appropriate to celebrate with ribbons & bows galore!

*Some of my favorite decorations and her yummy strawberry cake, smashcake, and cupcakes!  We had bows and pictures of sweet baby sister all over the house, including a picture from each month of her little life- the frames decorated with the actual bow she was wearing in the picture.

Lots of frill and a few fun friends, too, made for a wonderful afternoon!

Nonna made the birthday girl's dress!  Aren't they both beautiful?

One of Lou's favorite gifts was her new babydoll stroller.  And I love that she already knows how to unwind after a party- a good cup of tea in one hand, pushing babystroller with the other.

Such a fun day celebrating our one-year-old princess and all of her girlishness!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day Fishing

My amazing husband got up extra early this morning, to make sure he had time to take his two favorite fellas fishing.  Although the lines were tied to plastic fish, and I highly doubt there are any fish in our neighborhood creek worth catching, the memories they made are sure to be treasured.  Lou and I tagged along and it was a wonderful morning, celebrating RRL and watching him do what he does best...
love our family.

We love you, RRL!!
I am so thankful for the husband and father that you are. 
We are so blessed to call you our favorite Daddy. 
Happy Father's Day. 
Love, me

For my hero

The godly walk with integrity;
blessed are their children (and grandchildren) who follow them.
Proverbs 20:7 (NLT)
Happy Fathers' Day, Daddy!  It is amazing to me to watch you walk in the business world (especially during such difficult time) with incredible integrity, influencing so many people by being true to the God you serve.  I know that many have been touched by the kindness and generosity you have been able to share because of what you do.  So thankful for that legacy that you have created for us and for our children- a hero indeed!  We love you!


The best description for our church's annual VBS is in the title itself.... SUMMER SPECTACULAR.  It truly is spectacular.  This year's theme was Elijah, complete with rain and fire and Elijah actually outrunning the chariot.  Our kids L-O-V-E-D it!! 

I helped teach the first graders and boy was it crazy.  They were balls of precious energy and kept us laughing each night.  One of my favorite stories was the night that Tara asked the kids something to the effect of "Did you see the show last night, wasn't it amazing?" and one precious class-clown answered "It was alright, do you know what is really amazing...Free Pizza!"  Wow.  What an impact we are making.  Ha. 

Between teaching, rushing to take/pick-up my own kids, and going to the show, I didn't take many pictures.  Which is a shame because the whole building was decorated in ways that would amaze you.  I guess you'll just have to ask these three cuties what they thought about it!

On second thought, maybe you should just come see for yourself next year!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A birthday princess!

ONE!  Can you believe that she is one?!?!  It seems like only yesterday that I wrote a post about welcoming her to our world.  This tiny person has added enormous amounts of energy, love, and joy to our family.  I cannot imagine our team of 5 without the baby sister princess.

Sweet Lou-
My precious baby girl.  You are such a joy to your Daddy, brothers and me.  You overwhelm us with the way you already show your love for all four of us.  There is no better feeling than walking in the door to your squeels of delight, arms flapping with excitement, as you rush to welcome me home.  Your laugh is completely infectious and, Little Miss Social, your bright eyes and toothy grin gain you friends wherever you go.  You are an amazing balance of being all girl, but oh so tough.  I love that your favorite things include your teapot and my makeup as well as your brothers' trucks and cars.  You can grab a bow and put it on your head or remind me to put on your bib before you eat, but you also love to wrestle and climb and play outside.  You have mastered the "princess crawl" so that you can keep one dainty hand up in the air while you move...or use that free hand to drag your brother's toys into the bathroom and deposit them in bathtubs full of water.  You always have something important to say, and I can't wait until you have more words to help communicate it.  You can say Momma, Dadda, Emma (one of your best friends), get it (usually meaning that you want to do it yourself) and that (for what you want).  You can sign "more" and we see this frequently when you are excited about what you are eating (which is pretty much all the time). 

I cannot even begin to tell you, sweet girl, just how loved you are.  There are so many people who love you and we constantly get remarks about what a beautiful, sweet, laid back baby you are.  I am so incredibly thankful for your easy going personality, but I also know that the best of it is yet to be seen.  Your Daddy and I are praying that as you grow up that sweet personality will be used for Kingdom glory.  May your infectious laugh, your tender smile, and your joy for life bring others to know the fullness of His love.  As much as we love those gorgeous blue eyes, may you come to know how special it is that you were "fearfully and wonderfully made" for a purpose.  And may you embrace that calling completely as you seek to live a life accepting Christ as your Savior.

We love you so much, sugar pie!