Monday, February 14, 2011

Our little Valentines

Happy Valentine's day

from our three little sweethearts

Who just happen to love EACH OTHER

quite a bit!


Friday, February 4, 2011

well, good for them

Well, good for them  And its a good thing I kept my opinions to myself a few days ago when I really WANTED to tell my children that they missed their chance at snow LAST turns out, I KNOW NOTHING.  They got their second chance today.  Not quite the quantity of last year, but lots of white fluffy stuff, none-the-less.

We are LOVING sitting around with the blinds on the windows all open and enjoying the wonderland outside.

And enjoyed another family outing to experience the fun of snow!

KJ was glad to finally get to make those snowballs for throwing at his Daddy.  And tasted a bit of defeat, too, during said snowball fight.

Cbug enjoyed just running crazy and enjoying every second of being outside. And tasted a bit of...well, the snow on his gloves, of course.

Lou- hmmm. Her feelings on the matter haven't changed much.

We praise the Lord for His amazing creativity. Though the inconveniences of another snow/ice day may threaten to make us forget it, we choose to rejoice that we serve an amazing Creator. He made each of us, He designed my family, and the Lord gave us today- full of its wintry wonderfulness! PRAISE HIM!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

a snowy escape

Thanks to the flu and other yucky sickness we have been pretty much stuck in our house since Friday night.  So even though the temperatures outside reached 12-below-ridiculous today, we HAD to go out and see the snow. 

It was really more like ice, of course.  Much to KJ's crummy-feeling-chagrin, it couldn't even be molded into a proper snowball to throw at his Daddy.  But the boys were so excited to have snow and get to go outside that they didn't even care. 
I wanted to tell those boys that they missed their once-in-a-lifetime chance at gobs of snow last year (remember how much they hated it?), but refrained...because well, I'm just a good mom like that (or maybe its the flu).

We took pictures,

walked down to the park,

 and tried exactly once to slide a child across the sidewalk on top of the same sled RRL and I enjoyed last year.

Then we all remembered that we HATED freezing wind in our faces
way more than we hated being stuck inside and went home.


We were out for about 20 minutes, which was just enough to get the ants-out-of-our-pants and enjoy our evening in our warm house together.

Considering the fact that Cbug didn't hide in the sandbox this year, and actually loved every minute...

And KJ declared "I love snow.  Snow is made by the ONE TRUE GOD,"  

 I'd say it was a way more successful outing for our boys than their snowcapades from 2010

We may have to work on baby sister, though.

Hope you enjoyed today with your family!
I happen to think mine is the very best one to be snuggled up inside with.