Sunday, October 12, 2014

YOU WERE INVITED...I just forgot to mention it

Ever planned an awesome party and never sent out the invitations?

Well, I'm not sure this is quite that bad, but a LONG TIME AGO I did get an awesome present that I should have told you about.

 RRL, the amazing, set me up on wordpress and made "" officially MINE!

 How thoughtful was that? And he did all the work rolling forward the old posts on the new site for me- and wrapped it all up and gave it to me for my birthday. LAST YEAR.

 So- If you find yourself here, on this old site that I haven't logged on to in months.  OOPS. I'm sorry i didn't tell you sooner.

Hop on over to where the real fun is:
To hear about:
Our matching but not twin boys

Our hilarious Easter photo shoot

Dressing seven small children as cows to get free food

And our Lemonade stand with our bonus 3 kids

Among other fun (and some serious).

See, you haven't missed much.
Unless you consider adding three more kids to our house for a while being very much.
which I do.

And don't forget to add the REAL to your blog reader of choice so you never miss a party again (that I forget to invite you to).

See ya soon!