Thursday, February 1, 2007


Back by popular demand...
Deep Rolling Right Field has returned!

Ok, I do not know how popular the demand really was, but I am back anyway. Many of you have kindly asked about my presence (or lack of) in the blogging world. I'll admit, I do have the cutest little munchkin, and it is very sad that many of you live too far away to get to watch him i am back.

You might be asking,
"WHERE DID YOU GO? I still have a link to your old blog from my blog, but one day it just quit working".

Well, it did not accidentally or mysteriously quit working. I deleted the old blog! We are to the point where we can laugh about this now, so I thought my new readers might enjoy the humor too. One of my last posts on the old blog was about my son's favorite things. What he enjoys playing with, what some of his nicknames are, the tricks he can do, etc. In response, my sweet husband decided that he needed to share with me his concerns about putting too much information on the world wide web. An appropriate response from me would have been "I am so thankful that my husband has a job that allows him to learn so much and be so interested in technology and its benefits and draw backs. I am so glad that he is in tune with the things that teenagers are participating in so that he can better mentor them. I really should try to learn from his knowledge. Or, even if I disagree, I have a responsibility to submit to what he thinks is best for our family." If only those had been the first thoughts that came into my head, maybe I could have controlled what came out of my mouth (I did not). Instead, I huffed and puffed and promptly DELETED my entire blog...I lost all the words that I carefully placed there about our family, my sweet grandmother's passing, our son's milestones...GONE. In thinking I was punishing him for being over-protective and unsupportive, I really only punished myself. Isn't that how it always works!

So, it has taken me a little while to reconcile his views and mine and to swallow my pride enough to admit that maybe, JUST MAYBE, there was some validity to his concern. In an effort to meet in the middle, I am starting a new blog, but it does not have my full name as the address and I'm going to refrain from using our names in my posts. I'll tell stories about our goings-on, but leave out details that we've decided as a family are too personal for WWW material.

Don't hear me preaching- you do what you feel best on your own blog, but do please honor the fact that on this blog there won't be names or places identified. Help me with that in your comments. I know I might be going a little overboard by not even saying our first names, but its just easier for me to draw the line at everything than try to muddle my way through the "grey" areas. My gmail address, and thus my posting name, still has part of my name in it. I'm not changing that- its impossible to cut out ALL personal information, I guess. And if someone tried really hard I'm sure they could put lots of pieces together about our family, but at the request of my husband, I'm just trying to not make it any easier than it has to be.

As for pictures, I'll put up a password protected link soon so you can see pictures (i will need a little help from aforementioned amazing hubby for this one)! Stay tuned...

Ok, that was way too long of an explanation, but just thought i would answer all the questions at once and for maybe for the first time in my life I'm admitting to the WHOLE WORLD that I WAS heard it here first, folks.

My next post will be way more fun, I promise.

signing out the same way,


Elisa said...

I'm so glad that you're back! Of course it does seem wise to consider how much information you publish for the whole world to read. I'm glad that you’ve figured out what you can share while feeling safe and secure, and I’m looking forward to more pictures of that sweet little boy. Love and blessings to you.

Melanie said...

welcome back, friend! I often think about what details I should include in my blog (for me, it's not so much a safety issue since i'm not a parent, but more about "who could be reading this and would i really want them to know xyz...") I try to be sensitive to everyone's different comfort levels, but please feel free to call me out if I slip up and share too many details about the ABL fam in comments, etc. (Is it sharing too much info to say that ABL is one of the cutest mothers EVER and that I hope, hope, hope, she posts of pic of her and K doing the bunny face?)