Tuesday, August 31, 2010

(a few more) August Favorites

I just love our park adventures.  It is ALMOST cool enough to venture down to the playground again. 
We got a little taste of it this weekend, but it was just enough to make me long for the coming season of picnics, splashing rocks in the creek, and lots of time at playgrounds. 

I came home from running errands this saturday, to this picture. Lou was taking a nap, so these three were hanging out in their "man cave" doing a little flashlight reading. Love it!


I cannot tell you how many times a day I hear that phrase or a dozen other similar ones. These two LOVE the concept of superheros. Which is funny to me, because they really haven't ever seen any sort of superhero show or movie. And we have exactly ONE superhero book. It seems like its just IN them. KJ's current favoite is "The Flash" and Cbug's is "Batman". In fact, recently at a jumpzone birthday party, there was an inflatable with Batman on it. Although there were several other large slides, Cbug stayed true to his allegience and played on Batman THE ENTIRE TIME. He would come down the slide and proclaim "Batman's my fav-rite". Yes, we know.

And sometimes superheros take a break from running to save Thomas and friends.  These two are slowly but surely really learning to play together.  Maybe after enough time sitting in time-out while holding hands or having toys taken away when they are arguing over them is finally communicating that when Mom has to get involved, they do not like the outcome.  I even overhear them telling each other "we better work this out on our own".  Not that it stops the bickering, but it sure has helped.

And lastly, Cbug's SUMMER in one picture.  Playing with water- check.  Rain boots- check.  Potty training- check (mostly).

I just can't believe this is the last day of August.
Maybe soon I'll do some rewind posts for June and July, too. 


Monday, August 30, 2010

Born to be a Wildcat

This post is for two reasons:

1) So you don't get the blog-impression that we only have two children.  In case you were worried, the feisty princess is alive and well.  She is just a bit small for things like sitting through movies or going to school.

2) The obvious.  Because she is just SO STINKIN' CUTE in her "Wildcat" shirt, pigtails, and toothy grin.  Why wouldn't I rush to share?
Of course I took her picture in the little red wagon.

Because, you know, it has been said that I might be am:
- A planner
- A sucker for tradition
- A (little tiny bit) type A

And, therefore...
HER picture had to match THEIR picture

To answer your questions:
Yes, we have three children.
And, yes, sometimes their mom gets a little obsessive about small details. 


Sunday, August 29, 2010

What's all the excitment about?

These two were BESIDE themselves with J-O-Y when they found out they were going to see Toy Story 3 at the movie theatre.
(so much joy that Woody experienced a complete strangling)

We gave away the secret when we dressed them in their Toy Story t-shirts and from that moment on we heard constant exclamations of "Are you serious?  Are we really going to see Toy Story 3 (or as Cbug says...'Stoy Story')?!?!"
Then they carried their favorite characters around the house yelling
"To infinity and the yon" (cbug)
"You are in custody of the Galactic Alliance" (KJ)

 Not only do they L-O-V-E Woody and Buzz, but this was their very first time to the big screen (I know...those poor, sheltered, deprived children).  In fact, KJ recently lamented that the reason "Nonna" sent them a buzz lightyear matchbox car was because his parents "wouldn't never take him to see that Toy Story 3 movie". 

But lo-and-behold.

Apparently, those parents grew hearts.
(I.E., found a babysitter for the princess who is not quite ready to sit still for 2 hours)

We also enjoyed a lunch-date with our little fellas and a banana split for dessert.
I mean, really.  Could the day get any better?

A picture perfect day. 
One I definitely have stored away in my mommy-memory-bank of favorites. 


Saturday, August 28, 2010

First Impressions

Thursday was the beginning of something these two best friends have been looking forward to for MONTHS.

The day when KJ's school ALSO becomes Cbug's school.
Thursday was meet the teacher, and the very first time when Cbug also got to check-out one of KJ's favorite places.

And KJ took very seriously his responsibility for showing his "little" brother the ropes.
I was so proud of how patiently KJ waited while we met Cbug's teacher and found out what we needed to know about him being a "new kid" in the school.  He was so excited to go visit his room, too, but waited and helped Cbug until it was his turn.  He has been asking and asking when "fall" would be here so that Cbug could join him going to school twice a week.  I love that he loves being a "big" brother.

And as for Cbug's first visit.  Well, lets just say I made this note to self:
"Self, next year before your child's teacher meets your angel for the first time,
maybe you should have a little family meeting on the topic of first impressions:." 

Yep, that would be one of the classroom's plastic dinosaurs that he has hanging out of his mouth.
I'd been talking to his teacher and turned around just in time to catch this lovely moment.
Oh, you gotta love our Cbug! Hopefully his teacher feels the same way.


Saturday mornings

We have adopted a new Saturday morning (or sometimes Sunday) ritual. 
Running/riding the trails of our neighorhood.

Trust me, our kids faces may not reflect it, but its fun.
Sometimes.  Usually.
It actually was MORE fun this week when the temperatures were not headed toward 100 before the sun was up.
Or maybe it was MORE fun this week, because we recruited Hatch to come and help push for a few miles.
Whatever the reason...lets hope the MORE miles we add the fun will just keep multiplying! 
This week 7.
Next week 8. 
Now that should be FUN.

Monday, August 9, 2010

MMM: Catch up (again)

When we have actually been in town this summer, our days at home have revolved around a pretty standard theme.  WATER.

We've been to the splash park, played with the slip n slide in our backyard,

and we've been



and swimming. 

Wherever water is, the boys cannot get enough (and Lou tolerates it in her "diva float").  I like to call us the "nomad swimmers" because we don't really have a pool of our own...we just travel around the metroplex vising friends and family that do (insert a BIG THANK YOU to all who have adopted us for swim days).

With all of that water fun (and quite a bit of traveling...another post), we really have only had time for two actual MMM activities this summer.  One was pretty much a flop the other a huge success.  So, thought I would share. Both are from the same website.  I really cannot remember who sent me this link.  BUT THANK YOU!!   http://www.skiptomylou.org/

On a Monday in July we tried making our own puff paint.  I think this would have been awesome if 1)the kids were just a little bit older 2) We had white cardboard or 3) mom wasn't in a hurry and actually followed the suggested measurements (so unlike me, I know). 
But we muddled through.   

The greatness of this activity is that it only required these few items that we have around the house already:

self-rising flour
food coloring (actually did have to borrow some of this from a neighbor)

The boys enjoyed painting
and REALLY enjoyed putting their masterpieces in the microwave

but BY FAR their favorite part was pushing the buttons (so weird.  totally would have skipped the mess and just let them push buttons all morning if I had known this was something they had been dying to try!)

So, even though it was fun, the finished product was not nearly as darling as the samples on the website (but I suppose they rarely are). 

The boys weren't very impressed with the "puffiness" of the paint and the smell...well, it smelled like fried cardboard. Probably not going to be a go-to-activity around here.  I'll tell you what will be, though...

Today we tried an adapted combination of this activity and this one.  Not only does it fit nicely with the MMM "m" theme, this was seriously so much fun, and kept the boys (even one not feeling well) entertained for a LONG time.  I was very thankful that I thought to use some old shopping bags as mats, but other than what they spilled there, the mess was minimal.

Here is what you need:
egg carton
toothpicks (definitely will try website's recommendation of straws or maybe pipecleaners next time)

optional: paper grocery sack or other table liner

First, pour a small amount of milk into each segment of an egg carton and add about 2 drops of food coloring to each.  Dip marshmallows or paint with a brush.  Cbug proved that even if you feel the urge to bite into your mallow first, its still good for dipping :)
 Then use toothpicks or other connector (straw, pipecleaner, etc) to connect mallows into your design.
we made lot of "snakes"

But also a couple of birthday cakes (and blew out the candles, of course).

 We had a blast making our marshmallow sculptures.  And found another good use for the other bag of mallows...

(which would have been awesome if I had not left the pam spray on the counter and Cbug had not seen that as an invitation to make sure the tops of the treats were nicely greased. YUCK.)

Thanks for sticking (pun intended) with me through this marathon MMM post.  Hopefully soon I'll get back in a routine of blogging.  There are still lots of summer memories to get documented.  Hope your summer has been filled with fun, too!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Chirp Chirp

Sometimes when you visit my blog do you feel like all you hear is the crickets chirping?  Not much other activty.  Let that be a clue to you...It's summer and the time for blogging escapes me.  Funny enough, when I look back to past years on the blog, there is always a gap somewhere during the summer.  I'll be back soon enough with pictures and updates.