Sunday, September 30, 2012

September Sayings...

Well, folks.  They've been on a roll again.  And I've actually remembered to write a few down.

To the left, KJ and Cbug love to play pretend together.  After I showed them how, they made no less than 27 eye patches.  Because, as I'm sure you know, if two are great then 27 would be better.  They only stopped there because they ran out of pipecleaners.  So, they had to move on to actually playing pirates. Nearly everything they pretend leads to wrestling each other to the ground.  Is this normal?

We finally gave in to letting KJ buy his lunch once a week.  He wore us down with comments like:
"I'm not trying to be bossy.  But they do have pizza on Fridays. PIZZA! In the cafeteria.  So, maybe I should buy my lunch."

Speaking of not being bossy.  We've been working with KJ on being encouraging versus acting like a know-it-all.  Which means he frequently starts admonishing both his parents and his siblings with something like "I mean. You can do what you want to, and I'll understand.  But..."

  This isn't really something KJ said, but I'll throw it in here anyway.  I think the title "family-fun-homework" is a bit of a misnomer.  I'm not sure how it can really be FUN.  I tried.  Really I did.  But when I'm a realist to the nth degree, and the directions are to create a "self-portrait" and he wants it to look like this... Its just not fun for me.  I'm learning.  Really, I am.   I mean, I let him do it.  That's huge.  So, Here is KJ.  See the resemblance?

Lou cracks me up right now playing with her dolls.  I love how seriously she can take motherhood of an inanimate doll.  But sometimes she takes it a bit too far:
me: "Libby, please don't play with the piano.  I haven't finished putting it together"
Lou: "I'm not.  Baby June just needs to sit on this bench.  She's in time out. And she has to play the piano."

Lou also LOVES to read to her babydolls.  She props them up and turns the book one-handed-teacher-style toward them while she "reads it".  A few nights ago, she was sitting on the stairs reading Cinderella to them- one of her favorite princesses.  In her most serious teacher voice she told them to "listen carefully to the story of Cinderella...dressed in yellow...going upstairs to kiss a snake.  But HOW many doctors would it take?" Um, yeah.

To the right, she had convinced me that it would be fun to have chocolate milk on our "girls only date". And then innocently convinced the McAlister's employees to GIVE her a cookie because her food took so long to get to the table. She's a clever one.

But to be honest, its been Cbug that has really had us rolling lately.  And its all centered around one primary topic.  Having kids.  First, he's kind of obsessed with adoption right now.  Partly because we've talked about it pretty frequently.  His basic definition has to do with parents choosing to love kids who don't have other parents. And sometimes they don't look like the rest of the family.  The last part of his definition lead to this comment at dinner one night: "Did ya'll adopt Lou?" (I guess since she is the only girl, she's a bit different?!?!) 
We also had quite a conversation about the groom getting "adopted" by the brides parents at the wedding he was in.  But I'll save that for another post.

Cbug, apparently, has already named his (future) five children.  And his monologue to us at dinner went something like this:
"The first will be Moses.
And then Mary.
and I'm going to pray that God gives me them together so they can be twins.
Next will be Joseph.
And last, Adam and Eve.
I know they were the first people ever created.  But they can be born after me, too."

And later when RRL asked about the twins, Cbug said "Yeah, but I'm going to be the daddy.  So I'm going to be praying for God to give the mother twins for me"  Oh, Heaven help his sweet wife!  He's making me take the parent's prayer for future spouses to a whole new level.

That's it for September, folks.  Can't wait to see what comes out of their mouths this month!