Thursday, April 30, 2009

State of the Family

The day after the President’s “First 100 days” speech seems like perfect timing to do a little update on our family’s current happenings (no approval ratings will be taken).

THE SWINE FLU- After all of the input lately about how to keep your children safe from the swine flu (and even Mr. President reminding us to cover our mouths when we cough), I’m pretty sure that if this flu is contagious in public places Cbug will be a prime candidate. Just while at church last night he ate (someone else’s) popcorn off of the floor, played peek-a-boo with his bear in and out of the trash can and walked across the church barefoot all the while sucking his thumb. No amount of hand washing can negate his germ-infested life right now.

THE ECONOMY- There are two economical issues in our house this last week. First, our dryer suddenly started taking HOURS to dry even small loads of laundry. Thanks to tips from friends and RRL’s resourcefulness we checked the vent to outside and founds a LARGE bird’s nest nearly blocking the entire vent. Thank you, birds. I can’t wait to see the electricity bill you caused this month.

Also, I decided about a week ago to do my part to help our family economics by getting KJ out of diapers. Really, the bill for 3 in diapers is going to be N-U-T-S. The first day was really rough and even literally brought me to my knees in prayer (beside the toilet). I was so frustrated- not with him, just with trying to know how to explain it to him. However, by the end of the second day, I was ready to write a book on potty-training. I mean, it was awesome. He was all over it, always told me when he needed to go and he was so proud of himself. UNTIL he woke up from his nap on the third day and declared “I’m not big anymore, I need the diapers back” and promptly quit peeing anywhere except on the floor or in a diaper. SERIOUSLY? I just waved the white flag in surrender and let him have the diapers back. At least I know he knows HOW now and hopefully soon he’ll also decide that he’s on board. He’s asked to go off and on since then, but ONLY goes when it is his idea and he initiates. Wonder where he gets that stubborn streak?

HEALTH CARE- It is impossible for me to fathom still that we are 6 weeks or less away from being a family of FIVE. After my next appointment, I’ll start going to the doctor every week so we are really getting close. Her room still needs some work and I’ll admit to having moments when I’m not sure I’m ready to be a momma to three. I pray everyday that I’ll be able to meet their needs, that no one will feel left out, and that the Lord will fill in the massive gaps in what I am able to teach them. I’m so thankful that baby sister seems really healthy and I love feeling her squirming around. What a privilege! The larger my belly gets, though, the more and more we get interesting comments from strangers. You would think no one has ever before been out in public pregnant with small children. I always call us the circus act as people stare at the boys (thinking they are twins) then at my belly.

MARRIAGE- RRL and I got to have a fun overnight trip last weekend when we left the boys with Grammy and traveled to his 3rd ½ marathon. We went with a pretty big group from church who all run together (or cheer together in some cases). We had so much fun having dinner with friends, enjoying the race festivities, just having a break from things at home. We relished the time together, knowing it was probably our last little get-a-way before baby sister’s arrival.

That’s the latest from our home front. My job sounds a lot more fun than Mr. Obama's, don't ya think?


Tuesday, April 28, 2009


RRL fixed up the sandbox in our backyard just in time for some spring fun! The boys LOVE it, and I love to watch them play together.

KJ is very intentional about nearly EVERYTHING (wonder where he gets that). I love the tongue hanging out, concentrating while he works on the sand...or as he would say "his job".

Of course, Cbug also loves to eat it and dump it and make QUITE a mess.

Oh, Lord, please bless the paths these little feet will walk. Help them to choose the narrow road you have marked out for them.


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fake Family??

A few weeks ago, a good friend who works for the local Childrens' Hospital called to ask for a favor. The hospital was doing a photo shoot for advertising and informational purposes and needed some kids to come participate. I was VERY reluctant. I mean, I know my kids are incredibly cute (can't throw things, its MY blog) and who WOULDN'T want to look at them in a brochure, but lets be this point in our lives trying to pose the two little rascals for decent pictures is one of the most stressful situations you can place us in.

Long story short, though, all of my excuses ran out (my haircut got canceled, the boys took great naps earlier than usual, the weather was perfect, etc) so we decided to go. AND WHAT AN UNEXPECTED BLESSING! We got some FREE professional pictures, by a photographer that was great at working with kids, and I only mildly sweated through my shirt in the process. Here are a few of my favorites...

There were two funny things that happened which I held over our friends' head for awhile for "tricking me" into doing this:

1) When I got out of our van, the lady from the hospital that was in charge said "Oh, GOOD, I was really hoping we would get an expectant mother in some of the shots". UMMMMM, excuse me, didn't you see the two adorable blonds I brought with me. This is really about them, if anything I'll make a nice background. But alas, they did take some photos of my nice round belly.

2) RRL couldn't go with us and apparently there was a "vision" for a complete family in the photos...with an expectant mother. So, they asked if I would mind posing with a fake family- another man and his son. ACKWARD. In fact, so ackward that the photographer kept saying "If you guys want to look like a family, you are going to have to scoot a little closer and quit looking so uncomfortable". Geez, how can you look NOT look uncomfortable "cuddled" up on a picnic blanket with another man. Pretty sure I haven't been on a picnic blanket with anyone besides RRL since maybe highschool. No, not uncomfortable at all.

All of that to say, if you happen to see us in a brochure about the Children's Hospital, just be marriage (to RRL) is intact, I haven't traded in my kids for older models, and our kids are perfectly healthy, having never actually been admitted to CCHospital (praise the Lord!). But we did get some free pictures out of the deal.


Thursday, April 23, 2009

On a mission

Two years ago we got some fun pictures in the bluebonnets with one of KJ's best buddies. The boys did not love the experience (at all), but the flowers were pretty!

Last year we had trouble finding a good place to take the traditional pictures, so I did not get any...which lead to this springs MISSION. I was out to find a perfect patch, without driving 4 hours. I may or may not occasionally have some obsessive tendencies. I may or may not occassionally get an idea in my head and absolutely NOT be able to let it go until I have accomplished the task- big or small. The bluebonnet pictures shouldn't have been a big deal, but I got the idea in my head and couldn't let it rest. I actually even enlisted the services of the state's department of transportation website to help me find a patch in our area (I know, out of control).

In the end, all of the research and planning was totally worth it (please wait awhile longer before you ask RRL if he thinks it was worth it). We went with reasonable expectations, knowing that we had a 50/50 shot of happy children and even lower odds for both of them being happy at the same time. But we were pleasantly surprised with the results. RRL was the photographer and I'd say he did a pretty incredible job...and did not complain ONE TIME about driving 45 minutes to let me accomplish this crazy mission in a just average bluebonnet patch. What a great man!!

Couldn't you just eat them up (the boys, not the flowers)? I love when we are able to capture their fun-loving personalities. We are so blessed by both of these joys!!


Friday, April 10, 2009


We've joked that poor Cbug could not have had worse timing for his birth. I mean, really, if he HAD to come 3 weeks early couldn't he have just come about 3 days earlier than he did? 3 days earlier would have meant some really important things for a nice tax deduction as well as helping us further benefit from the tax stimulus plan. See what I mean? Those 3 days really cost us.

Our church does an amazing baby blessing once a year for all the babies born during the previous calendar year. So, even though Cbug was 3-months-old at the time the 2007 babies were celebrated, he just went to the blessing as a spectator and had to wait until this April to celebrate with the other 2008 babies. See what those 3 days cost you, dude?

Seriously, though, his birth could not have been better timed. Being born when he was meant so much GOOD for us. Most of my family "just happened" to be in town when he made his grand appearance and I wouldn't trade that for any amount of tax dollars. Also, by waiting until this year's blessing time he got to celebrate with some of our favorite 2008 babies.

This time is exactly as it is is named...a blessing. It is a blessing for the babies as they feel the warm hands of our Shepherds laid upon their tiny heads, hands and feet. It is something that the Momma's and the Daddy's treasure as they take a few moments to pray for their sweet little ones surrounded by a body of believers. And it is a blessing for our whole church family as we stand and remember what we are called to do- hold each other before the throne from the moment of birth through the moment we meet our Saviour. I truly love this night each year but of course it is especially sweet when I have a baby of my own being blessed and committed to the Lord's service.

This was a special time of prayer with an elder and his wife that are so special to our family. I'm not joking when I say that he had some sort of God-ordained touch on Cbug's leg while he prayed. I have never seen our little man sit so still and listen. That in itself was so moving to me. KJ sat very still and listened, too, but of course he had been bribed with cookies.

Ok, so maybe the whole night was not sappy sweet (if this family photo is any indication). It is always a crazy adventure to wrestle two little boys into any situation like this. If you notice a little pregnancy glow, just attribute it to the fact that I was a sweaty mess by the time this party was over (a party that ended without anyone blowing out any candles, much to KJ's chagrin)!

Be blessed!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Capturing moments

Random side note: This is post #100 for DRRF. I think it is very fitting that the 100th post is doing exactly what this blog was created to do- capturing family moments.

We had the best time on our camping trip this weekend. I’m not sure you can technically call it camping since we put our tent up right next to a ranch house with full kitchen and bathrooms. To KJ, though, we slept in a tent and we were CAMPING.

This weekend was one of those times that I wish would last forever. One of those family memories that I just want to lock away and remember. Some memories are important because they involve significant life events, others are important just because of who you shared them with. While the weekend was not necessarily a significant life event, as the boys are growing and changing I love times when we can just be together as a family. It is so good to be away from all of the distractions of life and watch their little personalities develop. We were so blessed to be able to get away, relax with good friends and make some fun memories.

Weekend memories:
Unplugging from phones, computers, tv, etc

The “Lewis Villa” (our tent was HUGE)

Cbug’s new word “doggie” (he chased and chased those poor dogs)
Riding 4-wheelers Brothers wrestling and laughing
Digging in the sand
Throwing rocks in the creek

KJ's excitement over his own sleeping bag

Watching my friends love on my boys

Enjoying how much our boys love their Daddy


Laughing around the table at meal time

KJ and Cbug beginning their life-long friendship with GCH




Wagon rides

Kite flying


Happy 100, DRRF!