Thursday, May 31, 2012

come what MAY

So, when we put our house on the market in March we decided that if it didn't sell before baby C was born, we would take a break for the summer and maybe try to sell it again in the fall.  Because who in their right mind would try to move with a newborn.  Welp. After only a few days home from the hospital we got a call that the last person to see the house BEFORE CTL was born, wanted to buy it.  AND we decided if we're going to get out, lets do it fast.  So we had 30 day close.  Yep, WHIRLWIND. 

So, amidst the craziness of packing, we spent lots of time in May just soaking up our time with this little fella. 
Who at this particular stage we affectionately referred to as our Muppet. C'mon you know you can't look at those long skinny legs and not start singing "Am I maaannnnn, or I am I Muppet?  If I'm a man, I'm a Muppet of a man".  Love ya buddy, but wow those legs.

We had lots of help "welcoming" him, from his big sibs, too.  They LOVED playing with him, singing to him and loving on him.   

And the big kids were pretty patient, too, through all of the craziness.  Which is why on more than one occasion, RRL rewarded them with special family fun times.
Like the evening he came home with new water guns and we chased each other around the yard before bed.

Or when he created the Nerf war challenge course in the middle of our home with the 1/2 packed boxes and furniture.

 We were also thankful for good help from family while we moved and adjusted to life as family of 6.
obviously we needed the help.  Because when left to their own devices, these rascals came up with all kinds of craziness.

One word for May would be CRAZY.  But I can't imagine life any other way.  Because around here, craziness=smothered in love.  And would ya just look at this Mother's Day loving I got.

No less than 1200283846 times, in public, I've heard "WOW, you have your hands full." And all 1200283846 times my answer is the same. "Yes, I do.  Full of BLESSINGS...very full"


Tuesday, May 8, 2012


If home is where the heart is,
then I know exactly where mine (on this earth) can be found.

That's good to remember, too.
Because I had thought that by the time we packed baby C up to come home,
there was a chance we might not live in this same house,
the same house to which we brought home all 3 of his "bigs".
And that was nearly enough to send me right on over the emotional cliff.

While I really am so thankful that we got to walk up the same sidewalk, stand on the same front porch and enter through the same front door with C baby, 

I couldn't help but be reminded that wherever these blessings are (and their handsome Daddy),
 THAT will be where my home is.

A timely reminder since it does seem that a move to a new house is imminent for us
(because it makes complete sense to sell your house and move with three small children and a newborn, right?)

So, baby brother, whatever our address may be...welcome home!
Welcome to being doted on and adored.
Welcome to the chaos, our own little circus.
Welcome to our hearts.
(You sister loves you so much she is willing to share her baby with you, her other baby. Baby brother, meet Charlotte.)
Welcome home.



Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Baby Brothers Big Day

Baby C's arrival was fairly uneventful.  And given our history, that is actually a really good thing.
I will say- I don't believe ANY of the old wives tales about how to induce labor (especially ones that involve eating or drinking something nasty).  EXCEPT, I'm inclined to give some credence to one new one.  If you write a blog post about your baby NOT being born, they will likely come very soon.  I didn't have a blog when KJ was born, but it certainly worked with CbugWorked with Lou.  AND worked with Baby Brother (who still doesn't have an official blog name).

I will not comment about whether or not the random lady on yahoo message board (via Google search) was actually fairly accurate on diagnosing my early signs of labor.  Coincidence, surely!  And a little creepy.

So, I wrote a post on Thursday morning that you should go back and read if you missed it at the time because it is quite hilarious that he was born hours later.  When I wrote it, I sincerely had ZERO indication that we were any closer to meeting our angel boy.  I worked on Thursday, came home and rested a bit while the kids took naps, and then cooked dinner.  Normal Thursday stuff.

Then, as we were finishing up dinner I started feeling funny.  And that's really all it was, just a funny feeling.  And then I noticed some leaking water (posts about birth are the only time it is acceptable to type such a sentence). But still wasn't having contractions.  I didn't want to alert RRL, but I did say maybe we should start gathering some of our things just in case.  About 7/7:30, after RRL and I finished cleaning up the kitchen, getting kids bathed and starting circle time, we decided we better call someone to stay with the bigs (thanks, Hatch and Grammy).  I still wasn't experiencing regular contractions, but was more and more convinced things were getting started and that my water had broken.  Given our history (especially Cbug's quick arrival), we decided better safe than sorry and headed out the door to the hospital.

We arrived at the hospital, hung out, got checked in, sent some texts and argued with the nurses about whether I needed an IV port (I lost and have a painful bruise to prove it- a completely useless bruise, I might add, since we never used the IV). I continued to just have some intermittent contractions.

Around 9:30pm business got started, I (once again) couldn't believe I was dumb enough to do this unmedicated, and started trying to visualize my first moments of meeting my son.  I remember repeating (not sure if it was out loud or not), "I'll have a baby boy in my arms so soon".  I also remember at one point saying to the nurse, "I'm pretty sure HE IS STUCK."  And at the time I was fully convinced he might never get unstuck.

But soon he was "unstuck" indeed.  At 10:22 pm (nice round military time- 22:22) he arrived.  From the time my contractions were consistent and I was considered in "active labor" things progressed so quickly that the on call doctor made it into the room just in time to clean-up the mess.  There were several comments made about a nurse delivering the baby.  While I'd prefer to think that I delivered him, she was very helpful and encouraging through the process.  So, for those keeping track at home...that's Doctors 2, Nurses 2 for Team L baby deliveries.

Because RRL and I had both had dreams in recent weeks that we were surprised by the birth of GIRL instead of a boy, I asked pretty quickly for assurance that we could keep calling him "Christopher".  I was assured that he was a he, an absolutely healthy and perfect baby boy.  His head was seriously fake it was so round and wonderful.  And the first moments with him were even better than I imagined during labor.  A rumor tells me that a certain celebrity may have "needed" a $30,000 "push present".  While I'm sure something sparkly added glamour to her hospital stay, kissing this sweet head was absolutely all the reward I needed.

It is pretty amazing that in this moment, just like I documented with his sister, the rest of the world fades away.  And amazingly, the labor pains that were only minutes in the past did not seem like they were so bad after all.  "This little life is a treasured blessing.  And he's ours.  Wow, oh wow."  That's pretty much all I was thinking.

This next kiss was pretty great, too.  I absolutely cannot imagine delivery without RRL.  So supportive, so encouraging.  He was AMAZING.  Good thing he didn't listen to my irrational request to do it alone.  Shew.

And here's what the newest MALE member of our family thinks about parents k-i-s-s-i-n-g.  I think he'll fit right in at our house. 

What an amazing day.  One I'll likely not ever forget.
But just in case I do,
its now officially BLOGGED.


For the sake of comparison

No doubt they will grow to be as different as their birth stories. For starters, I find it amazing that they were all four born in a different quadrant of the day (am I nerd for noticing that?)   But a couple of things were the same.

May 27, 2006

January 3, 2008
2:16 am

June 16, 2009
9:19 am

April 26, 2012
 10:22 pm

Despite the fact that all four of our sweet ones were born in TX, all four were quickly wearing the BEST color of Orange (sister with a bow, of course).

And their Daddy did not panic.