Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I'll just walk


From this point forward in my life, you will never see me turn-up my nose at those who walk for exercise, you will never hear me refer to walking as an "old-lady" sport, and you will never again hear me utter the words "I'll JUST walk" as if there is any JUST about it.

Nearly 2 months ago, rrl and some of our running buddies decided to start training for another 1/2 marathon. I certainly did not want to be left out of the early Saturday am adventures and especially the chick-fil-a breakfast celebrations that follow, but I really did not feel like BL2 would appreciate running that much. That is why I uttered those famous last words "I'll just walk". Sure, a half-marathon is 13 miles, sure I'll be more than 6 months pregnant at the time of the race, but how hard could walking be. I've run two 1/2s already, so if anything the walking might bore me to death... I'm still laughing at my naivety. Oh how wrong I was.

This last weekend was our 8 mile workout. There are a couple of other walkers in our group, but they weren't there this week. So, I loaded KJ in the stroller, got some tunes, gummy bears, water, banana for KJ (the essentials) and headed off alone in the dark. Roughly 2 hours later KJ and I made it home (he was fast asleep), and we plan to keep going with the training. The point of this post is not to make you feel sorry for me, I'm really enjoying this work-out. I just needed to go on record now as saying that JUST walking 8 miles pushing a stroller and keeping a good pace while being nearly 5 months pregnant is not easy in the least- in some ways maybe even harder than my running days. In fact, I did take a few "run" breaks to make the time go faster and to give my legs a rest. (funny, i used to take walk breaks).

Hope this post might save some of you avid runners the mistake of saying you'll "just walk" someday.



Michael N. said...

Hey Allison! I'm so glad you found me! Isn't blogging fun? Your family is beautiful - Congrats on your next little one coming soon! Let's keep in touch!
Love, Alisa

Elisa said...

"Just walking" is definitely an accomplishment! I had never thought about a walking a long distance being difficult because of how long it takes. Just walking about 30 minutes does it for me.

Jennifer said...

Your walk impressed me enough to come out of stalker mode and leave a comment! The only way I would be motivated enough to get my 1-yr. old up before dawn, strap her in a stroller and walk for 2 hours while pregnant is if I were heading for the border of a country that could give me political asylum. Can't wait to hear if BL2 is a he or she.
Jennifer Terry