Friday, February 8, 2008

My thoughts (post 1)

Thanks to input from Jamie, I'll start with my thoughts on some recent TV shows.

Repulsion may be a strong word, but considering we don't have cable I think it is absolutely AMAZING that I have seen some of the following previews for new TV shows lately. I won't put the titles of the shows here primarily so my blog doesn't show up in google search for these, but also because I can't remember exactly what some of them were called (I was too repulsed to pay that close of attention). If any of you have watched these shows and can tell me something redeeming about them, I would love to hear it. Also, please feel free to comment and add to the list of shows to avoid.

1) Have we really become so desensitized to premarital sex that it is entertaining to watch a show where the tag line is "Shack up or Ship out"? SERIOUSLY? Do enough people enjoy sharing their bodies with complete strangers that they can find contestants for this reality show? I AM REPULSED.

2) Is it seriously entertaining to watch people air their dirty laundry on TV while attached to a lie detector? Do people really find pleasure in knowing how much sin their neighbor/friend/spouse/sibling/parent is living in? Maybe its me, but I tend to want to be ashamed of my down-falls, not make money off of them. Why would you sign up to be a contestant with questions like "are you having an affair", "do you make yourself throw up to lose weight", "do you cheat at work" (and those are just the questions on the previews)? As Mel pointed out, you really can't win. Either you answer truthfully and have everyone know, lie and have the detector rat you out, or don't say anything and give yourself away by default. I just don't think eating disorders and broken marriages are a great way to make a buck. I AM REPULSED.

3) Having known many a God-fearing man that would admit to having struggled with looking lustfully at women, especially those that are scantally clad, I hate the fact that there is a show where women are competing to become "pussy cat dolls". The way they dress, do their make-up, and dance ON THE COMMERCIAL was enough for me to say...I AM REPULSED.

Those are just the three that I have seen in my limited TV viewing time. If I can "stumble" on these three when I mostly TIVO everything I watch and do not even have cable, I hate to think what else is out there.



Elisa said...

Yep. They sound pretty self-destructive to me. I don't like the shows that obsessively pour over the gruesome details of strange murders. They give me the creeps.

Giggi said...

Amen, sister! You are so right! It's scary what our world thinks is entertaining!