Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tagged by Elisa

Elisa tagged me. I do not think I have ever been tagged...if I have I do not think I responded. Says a lot about my consistency (or lack thereof) in blogging. This one is pretty easy, though, and light-hearted and fun so I thought I would give it a whirl...

What three skills or hobbies would you learn if you had unlimited time, money, and tools?

1) COOKING- this is one that I stole from Raina, but actually totally agree with. I would love to pay someone to teach me to shop and cook on a time and money budget. I would love to have a large index of recipe's that I am confident making in my brain. I'm not a terrible cook, just never have time to think through the meals that I fix ahead of time and I am not creative at all.

2) SWIMMING- What I really want to do is a triathlon, but the major hurdle is swimming. I am not necessarily afraid of water, but I am not very confident in it, either. I would love to be a strong swimmer and have an "efficient" stroke- not one that leaves you worn out after half of a lap.

3) DRIVE STICK SHIFT- Ok, I know this is lame and I debated even listing it, but I really would love to learn to drive a stick shift car. We do not own one so there is no need for this skill, but it is just something I have always wanted to learn. In college Mel would occasionally let me shift while she drove (and did the clutch) which was the coolest, but doesn't really count. I seriously used to have nightmares that I would be out somewhere and someone would get hurt or something terrible would happen which would lead to me being the only one available to drive for help. I would jump in a car with great urgency only to realize it was a stick shift and I was STUCK.

Does it say a lot about my life right now that those are my 3? Maybe one day, when my boys are grown or at least big enough to tie their own shoes, I will pursue cool hobbies and skills. Until then...this is me!



Melanie said...

I think we should spend a week taking a gournmet cooking class, I'll teach you to drive my car, and we can both enroll in a triatholon (which I SO want to do!) Maybe after October... :)

Raina said...

Thinking of your cooking reminded me that I would love your poppyseed chicken recipe if you get a chance to email it sometime. And I'll teach you how to swim efficiently!

Elisa said...

Well, I like the you of right now.