Monday, July 21, 2008

C-bug at 6 months

During the craziness that was our summer, C-bug turned 6-months-old. We just went in for his check-up and he is doing so well. We continue to be amazed at how much bigger he is than KJ was. He is a good 6-8 months ahead of KJ in size at this point, weighing in at nearly 18 pounds. He continues to be so full of personality and rarely does anything 1/2 way. When he rolls over, he rolls across the room. When he laughs, he belly laughs. When he smiles, it covers his whole face. When he talks, he makes sure everyone can hear him. And like I've said before...when he's mad, WATCH OUT! We've recently started adding more foods to his routine and it has made a huge difference in his temperament. He goes longer between meals, takes better naps, and just generally is happier! Poor baby was just hungry.

C-bug still loves his big brother and sweetly tolerates the "affection" that KJ smothers on him. His favorite spot is his bouncy exersaucer, maybe because he is semi-protected there. Here are a few of my favorite recent pictures of my precious 6-month-old!

I love this little guy more and more every day.



Kaylane said...

Oh goodness he is just too cute!!!

It was really great to se you guys for a bit last Saturday!!!

Alisa Nelson said...

what a cutie:) said...

Aren't they just the cutest little kids in the world?