Monday, August 4, 2008

I'm on a roll!

I know that you probably do not even recognize my blog these days, with the flurry of posting activity. Don't worry, I'm sure it won't last and the blog slacker you know and love will return.

Here's a little bit of this and that...

- KJ is starting to really get the whole concept of telling us with words that he loves us. I love to hear him say "I love you so much" or to say "I want to hug you, momma". But sometimes he gets a little creative. Here are a couple of conversations with him...
Momma: I love you, KJ.
KJ: Yeah, I love me, too.

(PREFACE: We frequently tell KJ that he cannot play with Mommy's wedding ring because it is a special ring from Daddy that means he loves Mommy very much).
KJ: I love you, Daddy.
Daddy: I love you very much, KJ.
KJ: Where's KJ's special ring go?

- After this post, things have really improved when I go to worship services. I appreciate your prayers and encouragement. I think it is about 50/50 Cbug improving and my heart towards the situation being softened. It is also largely thanks to sweet friends who offer to help. Thanks, HC.

- KJ's imagination is really starting to come alive. He used to just call his stuffed dog, "Dog", his monkey was "monkey" etc. For the first time, though, he has given a name to one of his toys. The little man who sits in his helicopter is named "Friendly". At first I thought he was saying "Freddy", but he corrected me several times and we have established that his name is indeed "Friendly". Friendly sometimes gets in trouble for disobeying his Mommy. I have to work hard to keep a straight face for that one.

- RRL and I have been talking about doing a better job of getting to know our neighbors. Anyone had success with block parties?

- When I got in my car this afternoon the dashboard registered 125 degrees. Once I got the AC cranked up it made it all the way down to 109. YUCK.

- I think it is so cute that KJ has started adding "I think so" to the end of responses when we ask him questions. It makes me think I probably ask him "do you think so?" a little too frequently and he's just anticipating it. For example...
Momma: "KJ, where are your shoes?"
KJ: "In KJ's room, I think so."

-The only thing worse than baby spit-up is the spit-up from a baby who is eating and orange and all kinds of fun colors. I remember this with KJ, too, so I know it will pass but oh it is so gross.

- I know we are not alone in this struggle, but the price of gas is going to kill me...literally. Last week I filled up for the first time in a very long time (thanks to being out of town and RRL taking the cars frequently for fill-ups) and I just about had a heart-attack. Between that and the fact that our family easily buys between 2 and 4 gallons of milk a week...YIKES STRIPES.

- I am a self-proclaimed sap. The terrible thing is that I seem to always hear a sappy, make-me-cry song right as I am pulling into work. Nothing like showing up for the day with your mascara dripping. Check out these two songs (but grab a box of kleenex first). The first one especially is super cheesy, but you should expect no less from a sap.
1) Crystal Shawanda's "You can let go"
2) Dixie Chicks, "Lullaby"
(I just like the song, this is not an invitation for a political discussion)

- RRL and I are moving towards a time of big transition with his job. Please be praying for our family, for those involved in the transition and for peace. RRL has done (and continues to do) an amazing job of leading us out in faith, but admittedly it is a little scary.

I know this has been random. That's just how my mind works these days.


Elisa said...

I like reading your "this and that" thoughts! I'm praying for your family today.

MMC said...

I enjoy your little notes so much, they make me laugh and wish we could be around you more! We will be praying for your little family!

Merritt said...

Love the random ... and love your sweet family! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Can't wait to see you in a few wks!

Keith said...

It's so good to read your thoughts. WE were in the area on our family vacation trip and I thought of you often. I wish I could have hugged your neck and seen your handsome babies in person.

Could you email me?

I am love all your little one is saying right now... through the mouths of babes, our God has ordained praise. Jesus totally lives in Nashville!

Love you! M