Friday, December 12, 2008

O Blog Fairy, Where art thou?

Don't you wish you had a blog fairy that could take all of your pictures, memories and thoughts, organize them and voila, forever memorialized on your blog? I think my blog fairy must be hiding out with my laundry fairy and house-cleaning fairy. If you see them, could you please send them back IMMEDIATELY!
It has been awhile since I've had time or felt like blogging. But I thought I should give some updates. Here are the latest happenings:
We had a great Thanksgiving, getting to spend time with my family and RRL's family. We have so much to be thankful for. Here is a glimpse of what is high on my list of thanks:
I'm thankful for my husband and thankful for the way he loves on our boys. And I'm thankful for Cbug. He has been quite the snuggler lately, preferring to take naps snuggled with his Momma or Daddy. Mostly, though, he loves to snuggle this blue bear. He sucks his thumb and rubs its silky hat to go to sleep. So sweet. He giggle with joy when we hand him the bear at night. If it is not sleepy time, though, he'll not even acknowledge the bear's presence. Too funny.

I'm thankful for KJ and the way he reminds me to enjoy the simple things. While we were at my parents' house, KJ got to experience a taste of real fall leaves. He loved playing in this huge pile in their yard. Sheer delight.

1) While eating with a good friend from high school, who I have not seen in probably 7 or 8 YEARS, KJ turned to her for one of his "famous" jokes.
KJ: Knock, knock
Unsuspecting friend: Who's there?
KJ: See
Sweet friend playing along: See who
me, realizing suddenly where this is heading, turn to KJ and grab his face right as he says:
KJ: SEE FOOD (and reveals his half chewed PB&J)
Thank you, KJ, for helping me create that lovely first impression of my parenting

2) KJ is definitely in a time of testing the limits. He loves to ask "why" and he also loves to occasionally blatantly disobey over things that really shouldn't be an issue, just to see what will happen (well, he loves it until he sees what happens). Recently, we were at the mall and he kept taking one shoe off, dropping it out of the stroller and waiting to see if I would notice. Finally, I got down in his face and told him that if he took his shoe off again he was going to be in trouble. We walked into the next store and at the top of his lungs, he announces "If I take my shoes off , my momma is going to spank me" THANK YOU, KJ. Lets please leave the impression with people we don't know that your mother spanks you for just taking your shoes off. Could you please give the REST of the story?

CBUG's favorite thing
Our sweet little Cbug is so animated and full of life. He races towards the door when he sees one of us coming, and squeals with delight when we as much as speak his name. He is such a joy! Nothing gets him more excited, though, than his FOOD. The boy just enjoys eating. He sees the pantry door opening and starts bouncing up and down in anticipation. He can sign "more" and frantically starts waving his little hands toward one another the second he picks up the last bite from his tray. It is pretty funny. That said, we've had some issues with feeding him table foods. He seems to have a really strong gag reflex and chokes/throws up on things that we wouldn't expect to make him gag. It has been a bit of a struggle and causes a mommy concern. We just keep trying different things and praying for the best. It doesn't seem to bother him in the least, so I'm just praying he'll grow out of it soon. Anyone else struggled with this?

We got to hear the baby's heartbeat this week. It was right in the middle of the range and not very helpful for any of you trying to guess gender! We'll go back in January for a full ultrasound and get to find out then, whether we'll have "my three sons" or a little princess to add to our rowdy crew. For those asking if I'm feeling better and whether my appetite has returned....
I may or may not have eaten a peanut butter and raisin and marshmallow sandwich for lunch this week. This may or may not have occurred after my innocent 2-year-old asked if we could have marshmallows for lunch and i told him "No, silly, marshmallows are only for after we finish lunch". But it sure sounded yummy. Um yes, my appetite is back and I'm feeling much better, thank you.

The amazing RRL
The last week or so has been really interesting/tough for RRL work-wise. He's been involved in several situations with teenagers in crisis that require late nights, rearranged schedules, meetings with parents/counselors/school administration, and just a lot of emotional investment. I've been so proud of the way he professionally yet lovingly has handled each of these teenagers. He's gone out of his way to make sure that each of them feels like they have his undivided attention and has worked hard to help their families know how to lovingly handle the situation. I've seen him pray through tears for the souls of lost kids and I'm so blessed to get to watch him use his gifts to minister to others.

I do love Christmas, I really do. I love the excitement of decorating, baking, traveling and gift-giving. I love getting to have time set aside for reflecting on the birth of baby Jesus. I love getting to begin traditions with my children and trying to keep things in perspective for them. I love KJ's early understanding of it all and I look forward to getting to teach him (and his siblings) more and more about what makes this holiday special. That said, I'm way behind this year. Maybe my cleaning/decorating/preparing for Christmas fairy is hiding out with the others. My tree isn't up (gasp for air), I haven't even gotten the stockings out of the attic (try to lift your jaw off the floor) and I haven't bought the first gift (I know, I know). In the meantime, we are at least talking about Christmas and baby Jesus at our house. And KJ and I did bake a batch of Christmas cookies on Tuesday (pictures coming soon). Hopefully this weekend we'll add to that and really jump into the season...we'll see.

Speaking of Gifts
I think I'm a little too late pointing you to this in time for Christmas, but you really must check out the "by Emily" etsy site. She is amazing, her work is extraordinary, and her creations are treasures to keep for a lifetime. Some of her items, that are not custom, may still be available in time for Christmas gifts and if she can't get you something in time for Christmas you can always make a creative "I Owe You" to wrap for your loved one letting them know that this gift is worth waiting for! Check it out TODAY!!
That's about it for now, stay tuned for "How to make perfect Christmas cookies"


emily anna said...

I just love your sweet family. Luke is sitting here with me reading this... he loved all the pics of KJ! :) Thanks for the shout out!

Lori said...

Ok I haven't been blogging lately either, so I'm catching up. WOW you are pregnant again. Congrats!! I can't imagine. I am determined Sophia will be 3 before our next. Also, I have been told Sophia has a sensitive gag reflex too. She use to gag everytime we put a pacifier in her mouth. So I guess you are telling me what I have to look forward to when she is older. Well that is good to know. It was great catching up on you and your beautiful family!!!

Chad and Jennifer said...

Everyone has been bad this blogging I mean. Too many fun things to stop and blog. I wish I had that fairy, too! See food is long as it's someone else's kid. :)

Jim said...

RE: See Food--
Your friend from HS knows both of KJ's Uncles, and thus this should not at all be a reflection on YOUR parenting skills... It just reflects THEIR finely honed UNCLE SKILLS. ;)

Wendy said...

Casen had the oversensitive gag reflex too. It was frustrating, but eventually it passed. I don't have any brilliant advice for you though -- just that he's not the only one!

Precious pics! Glad to hear the update.