Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A birthday princess!

ONE!  Can you believe that she is one?!?!  It seems like only yesterday that I wrote a post about welcoming her to our world.  This tiny person has added enormous amounts of energy, love, and joy to our family.  I cannot imagine our team of 5 without the baby sister princess.

Sweet Lou-
My precious baby girl.  You are such a joy to your Daddy, brothers and me.  You overwhelm us with the way you already show your love for all four of us.  There is no better feeling than walking in the door to your squeels of delight, arms flapping with excitement, as you rush to welcome me home.  Your laugh is completely infectious and, Little Miss Social, your bright eyes and toothy grin gain you friends wherever you go.  You are an amazing balance of being all girl, but oh so tough.  I love that your favorite things include your teapot and my makeup as well as your brothers' trucks and cars.  You can grab a bow and put it on your head or remind me to put on your bib before you eat, but you also love to wrestle and climb and play outside.  You have mastered the "princess crawl" so that you can keep one dainty hand up in the air while you move...or use that free hand to drag your brother's toys into the bathroom and deposit them in bathtubs full of water.  You always have something important to say, and I can't wait until you have more words to help communicate it.  You can say Momma, Dadda, Emma (one of your best friends), get it (usually meaning that you want to do it yourself) and that (for what you want).  You can sign "more" and we see this frequently when you are excited about what you are eating (which is pretty much all the time). 

I cannot even begin to tell you, sweet girl, just how loved you are.  There are so many people who love you and we constantly get remarks about what a beautiful, sweet, laid back baby you are.  I am so incredibly thankful for your easy going personality, but I also know that the best of it is yet to be seen.  Your Daddy and I are praying that as you grow up that sweet personality will be used for Kingdom glory.  May your infectious laugh, your tender smile, and your joy for life bring others to know the fullness of His love.  As much as we love those gorgeous blue eyes, may you come to know how special it is that you were "fearfully and wonderfully made" for a purpose.  And may you embrace that calling completely as you seek to live a life accepting Christ as your Savior.

We love you so much, sugar pie!

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Herndon4 said...

Can't believe our babies are one! Thanks for the link to the story of her birthday. I didn't get to read it a year ago. Love and miss you guys!