Friday, July 9, 2010


I have lots to post about our fabulous 4th of July holiday weekend, and our sweet baby Lou's first birthday party including an amazing visit from my parents.  But I'm a bit overwhelmed by the number of pictures involved in documenting those occasions.

In the meantime, here are some picture of today, and a celebration of another kind.

July 9th is marked on our family calendar as a holiday to be enjoyed.

And enjoy it we did.

Cow Appreciation Day 2010.

When there is free food involved at one of our favorite places, our mantra is...

Hope you enjoyed the festivities today, too! 
If not, mark July 9th on your calendar and next year get free food at a Chick Fil A near you.
Just a free tip from me to you.


and just for fun, here is a picture of two of our little cows on July 9, 2009.

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Kendra said...

These are AWESOME! I really love that the WHOLE fam is dressed for the special have inspired me. I'm marking the family calendar for next July and you too can see me, DV and all the boys in cow wear at the new CFA that is coming to our area in the fall!! (But don't tell DV I said that...he probably won't be a willing participant...)