Tuesday, August 31, 2010

(a few more) August Favorites

I just love our park adventures.  It is ALMOST cool enough to venture down to the playground again. 
We got a little taste of it this weekend, but it was just enough to make me long for the coming season of picnics, splashing rocks in the creek, and lots of time at playgrounds. 

I came home from running errands this saturday, to this picture. Lou was taking a nap, so these three were hanging out in their "man cave" doing a little flashlight reading. Love it!


I cannot tell you how many times a day I hear that phrase or a dozen other similar ones. These two LOVE the concept of superheros. Which is funny to me, because they really haven't ever seen any sort of superhero show or movie. And we have exactly ONE superhero book. It seems like its just IN them. KJ's current favoite is "The Flash" and Cbug's is "Batman". In fact, recently at a jumpzone birthday party, there was an inflatable with Batman on it. Although there were several other large slides, Cbug stayed true to his allegience and played on Batman THE ENTIRE TIME. He would come down the slide and proclaim "Batman's my fav-rite". Yes, we know.

And sometimes superheros take a break from running to save Thomas and friends.  These two are slowly but surely really learning to play together.  Maybe after enough time sitting in time-out while holding hands or having toys taken away when they are arguing over them is finally communicating that when Mom has to get involved, they do not like the outcome.  I even overhear them telling each other "we better work this out on our own".  Not that it stops the bickering, but it sure has helped.

And lastly, Cbug's SUMMER in one picture.  Playing with water- check.  Rain boots- check.  Potty training- check (mostly).

I just can't believe this is the last day of August.
Maybe soon I'll do some rewind posts for June and July, too. 


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