Saturday, October 23, 2010

School visit to the Zoo/Petshop

KJ's teacher this year is so creative.  I love hearing the ways she teaches the kids different concepts.  One of my favorite activities of the fall was a family field trip to the zoo.  It was a great way to meet some of the kids in KJ's class as well as their parents and siblings.  Ms. A was so kind to include Cbug and other younger siblings just like they were members of the class, too. 

We didn't just "visit" the zoo, though.  Ms A had the fun idea of turning it into a "pet store" where the kids each got $10 play money and could decide which animals they would buy.  Some animals were $2 or $3, some as much as $7 or $8 so you really had to decide which you wanted, count out your money and consequently learn a little about "budgeting".  This accountant momma, of course, LOVED the idea.   And apparently the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.  My sweet oldest child decided the second he saw the "catalog" that he wanted to buy penguins...and he held all of his money until the end of the day when we finally got to the penguins and "bought" 5.  While other kids had money burning holes in their pockets ad jumped at the chance to buy a lion, elephant, or white tiger, KJ quietly just said "No, thank you, I'm waiting for the penguins"...for THREE HOURS.  Even though the penguins were only $2, so he could have "afforded" something else, too, he had decided how he wanted to spend his money and could not be deterred.  It made my heart swell :) 

 KJ with his ticket, our kids with KJ's teacher and KJ the map reader.

The boys from the class learning about an animal they could purchase and then taking a break to examine a matchbox car.

The amazing Mrs A- teaching the kids about the animals at the zoo, giving KJ his money, and telling us about "Polly"

Cbug loving the turtles in the new MOLA and KJ explaining why it was so important to WAIT for penguins.


And Lou doing what she does best...helping herself to some snacks.  Gotta love that girl!

What a great day!!

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