Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Everyday Adventures- part I

I pray all the time that this crazy season in our lives will be one that all six of these kids remember as a blessing.  I KNOW this will absolutely shock you, but with six kids there are times when my patience isn't perfect, I make parenting decisions I regret, I have too high of expectations.  I pray all the time that HIS grace will fill in the gaps, that miraculously they will only remember that I love them, that they learned a lot, and that we had LOTS of fun! I pray that they'll see HIS glory in our parenting, and not our human-faults.  Here's hopin'

One thing I've been working hard at is keeping my camera available during the days.  I hope that these pictures of some of our everyday adventures will help remind all EIGHT of us about the good times that we were blessed with during our time together, however long it may be.  I hope these are some of the moments we will remember.

What was your favorite thing about today?
AB LOVES trains.  AND Woody.  Each night we go around the dinner table and ask everyone what their favorite part of the day was. He almost ALWAYS says "Play with Trains" or "Play with Woody".  This day, he was both!

Needing some "Me" time
Cbug has LOVED having a cousin so close to his own age to play with (they are less than one month apart).  He loves that sometimes HE gets to be the one to "take care" of AB instead of KJ always taking care of Cbug.  That said, Cbug likes his "me" time.  Just about everyday, I'll find him off somewhere by himself, playing alone.  I try to respect this and make sure the other kids give him a little space- although its hard to find a quiet spot when there are 5 other kids playing in 1400 sq feet.  This day he succeeded for a little while at least...here is what I found behind his closed bedroom door.  All of his cars lined up in a "parking lot", organized neatly and all the other toys cleaned up...with music playing and Cbug happy as a lark.
*On a side note, Cbug is wearing his Daniel in the Lions Den shirt from our Church VBS.  HE LOVES THIS SHIRT.  I'd love to think it is because this story of a Bible Hero has impacted him, but he loves it because of another hero.  He calls it his "Uncle Daniel" shirt.

Throw and Catch
Sweet baby B LOVES balls.  It is hilarious to watch him drop them, roll them, chase them, bounce them, all over the house.  The hard floors make it especially fun and keep him entertained for long stretches of time.  Unfortunately for him, he doesn't get free reign.  I do barricade the back half of the house using the living room couch, ottoman, and his exercauser so that the big kids can play with "big kid toys" without having to fear that they'll be eaten by this hungry little cousin/brother.

Rainy day Monday!
Although our neighbors would likely disagree, I considered it a stroke of sheer LUCK that the city decided to dig up some pipes in our neighborhood on a rainy Monday morning.  What could be better for three little boys (and their tag-along sisters) than getting to use their umbrellas AND watch construction trucks. AT THE SAME TIME. RIGHT IN THEIR VERY OWN YARD.  Seriously, I could not have planned a better Monday morning activity for these three.  Unfortunately, it was on a randomly cold May morning, so we didn't get to stay out long.  But in the meantime, the construction workers were so thoughtful to wave, smile, show the boys how things worked, and let us watch. 

Do you have trains that move?
I love my job.  I really do.  I love that I get paid to do something I enjoy and that I get to only do it 3 days a week. The company I work for is amazing and my work family has taken really good care of me over the years.  When I had surgery, when I made the decision to work part-time, at the birth of each of my children, and once again this last week.  We were invited to campus for a special party for our house full of kiddos.  THEY LOVED IT!  They were on CLOUD NINE getting to see trains, eat cupcakes (and cookies AND punch AND fruit), have lots of attention...and did I mention there were TRAINS? All 6 (or at least the bigger 5) were so thrilled that they got to walk up the stairs of a real railcar.  They REALLY wanted to take a ride and were really disappointed that "my trains" don't move.  I can't tell you how many times I've heard since then "Momma/Aunt A...you work at the trains, right?  You DO have some trains that move, right?" Someday I'll break it to them that I'm just a CPA.  But for now, I'll let them think what they think.  For now, I'll know the truth...whether I actually drive (or even ride) the trains doesn't really matter- I'm incredibly blessed by my work family.  Thanks so much to each of you that made Wednesday so special for us.


Fun times, for sure!  More "everyday adventures" coming soon.  I'm just too tired from all this fun to post about anymore tonight.

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