Thursday, August 9, 2012

A heart-attack in the mail

I about had a heart-attack tonight.
And it came courtesy of the USPS.
Actually, it came courtesy of the local Children's hospital. By way of the  mail.

We've been getting a TON of "welcome to your new home" mail.
And not in a way that makes you feel welcome.
Mail about how to reduce our mortgage.  Mail about such and such alarm service, pest control, and cleaning companies. Mail with coupons to Lowe's (Actually those did make us feel welcome.  Thanks, Lowe's).
And tonight, mail about the best Children's hospital in our area.

It was thoughtful.  You know, a magnet to put up to remember how to get information about children's healthcare.  We DO have a lot of children, so this is useful.  We also have several children who love magnets. Bonus.

But as I walked toward the trashcan, peeling out the magnet and flipping through the mailer quickly, I screamed as I was dropping it into the trash.

No, surely not.  It can't be.  That was YEARS ago.
Do you remember when I wrote about pictures with my "fake family?"  The pictures I wasn't supposed to be in.  The ones I was certain might end up on a billboard somewhere.

It couldn't be those pictures coming back to haunt me.  It couldn't be possible. But yes. Yes, it was.

Cbug and I were IN THE MAILER.

And, as if I had seen a ghost, I about had a heart-attack.
And spent the rest of the evening thinking how crazy it was that 3 years ago, we took some random pictures, at a random park, and never heard anything else about them.
Until this year, the year that we actually did have this very same child in this very same hospital.  The year we did move to a new house.  The year we needed to be welcomed to the neighborhood- by ourselves in a brochure.

So, thanks for the "welcome home" heart-attack, Cook's.  And, you are welcome.

As a side note, I tried to tell you at the time that my 15-month-old was very advanced.  He was already thinking words like "pediatrician" and making good choices about his future health care.  Smart boy.


Anonymous said...

Hilarious! Love this! I hope I get a mailer with your pic in it!!

-Julie G

Lt. Dan said...
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