Sunday, July 21, 2013

I missed you when...

RRL and Cbug have been gone for 8 days.  Hopefully you'll get to here more about their international    adventure soon.  And I can't wait to tell you about "random gift card week" on the homefront.  But for now I'm stealing SBucks wifi near the airport, three sleeping babes in tow, and waiting on the delayed plane bringing my boys home.

Dear RRL-

When I found a sippy cup in the car that had contents turned to sour cream

When the pint sized person taking your place in bed had lethal knees and elbows

When no one knew I had a busy week at work and still kept it together on the homefront

When it was dark and I was scared to take the trash out

When I stayed up way too late planning our getaway

When I left dirty dishes in the sink and they were still there in the morning

When I realized the mail didn't come in from the mailbox all week

When  our kids said funny things but I knew no one else would find them quite as hilarious

When I hatched one of my hare brained schemes ("random gift card week") and you weren't there to play along 

When I realized I had no idea how "it" works (and "it" was pretty much any contraption with an "i" at the beginning)

When I carried heavy boxes down the stairs 

When there were tough decisions to be made and I needed your level head to balance my emotions 

When I woke up in the middle of the night knowing something in my heart needed to change

When I knew what you would say, but still wanted to hear it from you

When no one else would understand 

I missed you.


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