Friday, February 9, 2007

Revision...and photos

Ok, so after my drastic 1st post, R and I chatted some more and decided that pictures would be ok. So, here are a couple of my recent favs to give you some insight into our little man...

KJ is very intentional about his play time. He definitely laughs and giggles, but many times while he is playing he has this very intense "I'm going to figure this out if it kills me" look on his face. The above picture depicts the furrowed brow, focused eyes and stern concentration that we often see. When he gets this look you can say his name over and over and he WILL NOT look up from what he is doing. This picture shows one of his favorite things to concentrate on...banging any two objects together to make noise. Wood chips did not prove to be very powerful noise makers, though, and they were a little prickly.

He is the sweetest sleeper. I often sneak back into his room after he falls asleep to find him snuggled up like this with an animal of choice (I know, bad form for letting him have blankets and things in his bed).

Just thought I would give you a quick snapshot of one of our greatest joys- watching our son grow. What a privilege!


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