Wednesday, March 14, 2007


...Cameron Crazy!

That's right folks, I'm pretty much throwing the family challenge this year by picking my Blue Devils to GO ALL THE WAY! In all honesty, they will likely lose in the 2nd or 3rd round (maybe even an early loss to VCU), but that is not stopping me. Its tough when your reputation as a true fan meets your reputation as a strong-bracket-selector. This year, I choose fan.

March Madness is more than just basketball in our family. It is like a national holiday. Seriously, I LOVE IT! I love the basketball, the bantering (on the court and in our home), the chance for any team to make history and come out on top. It doesn't matter what your season was like (except for bracket placement- and as evidenced by Air Force not getting a bid, even that doesn't really matter), every team has a shot. It doesn't matter whether you've been a fan all season or not watched a single game (which, sadly, is my status this year), every bracketer has a chance. The slate is clean, any player could just be a few weeks away from being a hero...and any family member could just be a few weeks away from a WHOLE year of bragging rights.

Even KJ has a bracket this year. We just play for fun and of course bragging rights (which by the way have been rightfully mine for more years than RRL since inception of our family challenge). KJ chose number one seeds all the way (the only fair thing to do) and flipped a coin from final four to the end. He has Kansas as champs.

RRL picks FL, Kansas, Memphis, TX with FL going all the way.

I have FL, Duke, UNC and Memphis with Duke going all the way...I MUST BE CRAZY!

So girls, get out your brackets, be American and participate. If nothing else, your husbands will appreciate the effort. LET ME KNOW YOUR PICKS!



Jamie said...

I was addicted to the NCAA tourney last year! I've never filled out a bracket though. I don't even play play Fantasy Football and I actually watch it consistently. The Type A personality in me can't comprehend filling out a bracket without having at least watched some of the teams or doing research. RRL picks Texas over A&M??

emily anna said...

I have a bracket too! My picks are... Wisconsin, Kansas, NC and Ohio with Ohio winning it. I really have no clue what I am doing, I only based my picks on Win/Loss stats. Good Luck!

Elisa said...

I heard the sad news about Duke on the radio this morning. Stink!

Christina said...

Hey girlie- Sorry about the Duke loss. However, I was secretly hopeful for VCU as it is my alma mater. (That's where I did my Masters.) I know no one else has ever heard of it, but the school is here in Richmond and is affiliated with the hospital I work at...all my co-workers were psyched today.
Cory obsesses with basketball enough to represent the whole family so I didn't fill out a bracket. But I'm cheering for KJ's pciks. He couls set some kind of guiness book record as a genius baby is his picks win!

dmb08 said...

UCLA beats Wisconsin and and Ohio St beats Texas. In the final Ohio St wins by 9