Monday, March 19, 2007

An update, a vintage outfit and a motorcycle

If anyone cares, the way we score our family brackets is as follows:
One point for a first round win, 2 points in the second, 2 points for sweet sixteen victories, 3 points elite eight, 3 points final four wins, 4 points for a national champion selection. We also give 1/2 of the total for upsets (ie UNLV-7 over Wisconsin-2 was 2 and 1/2 points).
The family challenge currently stands:
ABL 34 1/2 (but I still have a chance to rebound with 7 of my 8 elite eight picks still standing)
RRL 36 (again, I still have a chance, just need my Vols and Commodores from TN to pull through with one more win as I chose these and neither of my other two competitors did.)
KJL sittin' pretty at 38 (He thanks all the big dogs that somehow managed to avoid many upsets in the first round)

Now a picture of a vintage outfit:

Can you believe that my brother wore those overalls more than 20 years ago? The colors are totally back in, so we made a showing at church. Either my mom or grandmother made this outfit, stitched with love. KJ sure made it handsome!

Finally a random about a motorcycle:
I have a thing for blatant disrespect for the law while driving. I do not think that a little speeding falls into this category, but I do think 100 miles an hour would qualify, as would crossing the solid white line just to merge quicker on the interstate, and would not wearing a seat belt. I saw one such display of blatant disregard this weekend- a motorcycle (single rider) in the HOV lane. How can you even make that kind of look ok? I was not in the HOV lane (although I could have been) and he did have a motorcycle buddy not far behind. Do motorcycles somehow qualify since I guess they technically are better for the environment or something? Isn't that the purpose of an HOV lane- to encourage carpooling? Does anyone know something about this that would save me from the bitterness I have toward these motorcyclists? Random, I know.

Have a great night,


dmb08 said...

ya'll should have let me in...i'm at 50.5 points with your system...

Elisa said...

Aww, what a cutie! Good job mom or grandmother.

I'm impressed with KJ's sports intuition.

Your motorcycle experience would make me a bit bitter, too, but Ryan thinks they are allowed in the HOV lane.

And I will certainly pray for your friend today.

I think I covered all of the bases. :) Hope you're having a good day!

The Best Family said...

cute boy! that is crazy how the styles from many yrs ago are all right back! Funny how that works! What if the 80s styles all come back someday? It would be kinda fun to have an excuse to tease my bangs and tight roll my jeans!

Jim said...

Not sure about TX law, but the following is from the USDOT website:

Why are motorcycles allowed in some HOV lanes?

Motorcycles are permitted by federal law to use HOV lanes, even with only one passenger. The rationale behind allowing motorcycles to use HOV lanes is that it is safer to keep two-wheeled vehicles moving than to have them travel in start-and-stop traffic conditions. States can choose to override this provision of federal law, if they determine that safety is at risk.