Tuesday, October 23, 2007

San Diego

What a fun weekend we had! RRL was attending a national youth workers conference in sunny San Diego and we got to join him. I love hanging out with the people that RRL works with- what a fun staff and they are some of KJs favorite people, too. To add even more joy, my parents were able to join us. My daddy was going on to a convention in LA so it worked out perfectly. KJ sure loved having them around ("Nonna" and "Papa" quickly became his favorite words), our suitcase came back weighing slightly more than when we left , and my heart was full from just getting to hug their necks! AND...If that wasn't enough, one of my other college roomies, Chris, has a husband in youth ministry so they were there too with their two boys! It couldn't have been much better than all of that. Not too much to tell about the trip that the pictures won't cover. So, here's what you really want...

1) The Fam
2) Roomies and their families (or almost families)

3) I love this because of how intently both of them were watching the elephants...and you can see that KJ is FINALLY getting some hair!!!

4) KJ, What does an Elephant say?

5 and 6) Buddies

7) Nonna and Papa J. (thanks for the sweet pearl snap shirt, uncle D)

8) The beach (and a grumpy little dude)

Only slight downer to the trip was that my absent-mindedness (refer to previous post) resulted in two lost items. I left my brand new denim jacket on the plane on the way there. I've been searching for a denim jacket that would fit me and my extra-long torso literally since college. Finally found one at a bargain price (60% off), wore it twice and then left it on the plane. I'm sick about it. On the way back we left KJ's book with Thomas the train magnets on the plane. One of his favorite toys. He doesn't seem to have missed it yet. Ah well.


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Elisa said...

I love these photos! KJ is certainly growing up. I'm so glad that you got to go. I'm sure the jacket thing must be very frustrating. I hate it when those things happen to me, and I can't even come up with a good excuse!