Monday, January 14, 2008

Random mix of things

1) We had a big night on Saturday at church. It was C's first time to go to church. I was so excited for him to meet so many people who have been praying for him. It also did my soul good to be there and worship. Also, KJ "graduated" from the nursery and had his first night in "big boy bible class" (aka the Toddler hall). I decided that I really did not care what anyone else thought and I took my camera to take his picture. I mostly got pictures of his back, though, since he ran right in to class before I had time to catch him. Its so sad that he struggles so much with separation anxiety.

2) MY MOM IS HERE!!!!!!!!!! With both boys I prayed from early days of pregnancy that my mom would be here when they were born. The Lord answered that prayer with KJ by bringing him right on his due date so that we could plan. With C he answered that prayer a little differently. My family was already in town to celebrate Christmas when C was born. However, because no one was PLANNING on his arrival my mom was only able to stay a few days after his birth. The only way I could let her leave was her promise to return. And now she is back- the sun is shining again, the birds are singing again, and I think I'm going to make it!

3) Every night RRL and I look forward to our "date". A good friend of the family made us some of her famous chocolate chip cake. This cake is absolutely amazing. Way too amazing to be shared with our toddler. So we wait until after he goes to bed and sit on the couch eating cake and relaxing (and usually holding and/or feeding C). Not sure what we will do when the cake is gone!

4) KJ really loves to sing songs and I love that he is finally able to sing along. He fills in words or sings parts he knows. A recent favorite is the days of creation song. He is like broken record, though, singing "day two, day two, day two, day two" over and over until someone helps him move on. He also really like to sing "The Lord's army". I'm not sure how to explain to him, though, that "shoot the artillery" is NOT a basketball move. To him there is only one way to "shoot" and I'm ok with that.

5) We just got a new washing machine and dryer. They are super duper amazing. RRL and I even fight over who gets to do the laundry.

6) As I look back on the days before C's birth, I wonder if any of the following activities could have induced early labor: Climbing stairs to the nosebleed section at the hockey game (4 days before); walking forever to get free parking and climbing bleachers multiple times at the football game (2 days before); climbing in the two story playscape at church with my toddler (day before...see picture below)

7) I have rediscovered a long lost friend... my FAT JEANS. I bought them after I had KJ and I was sick of wearing maternity jeans. When I finally came to the realization that I may never wear my pre-pregnancy jeans again I bought a pair in a slightly bigger size that still made me feel good about myself. I have rediscovered them post-C's birth and I may wear them every day (at least when I come out of sweats and PJs).

8) C is already stealing the hearts of many. Here is a slideshow of some of his earliest introductions.

That's about it for our little world right now. We continue on in "survival mode" but are so thankful to have two healthy boys.



tara said...

I love that C and Ryder already look like best friends in the picture!!

Kelly L said...

I need to come see you guys! You look wonderful!!! I will call you soon!

Giggi said...

What a precious family! He's definitely a keeper!

Kendra said...

Congratulations, sweet ABL - welcome to life with 2 boys! It's such a sweet ride! I remember I cried when my mom left after Colby was born . . .how in the world was I going to manage a toddler and a newborn?!? Hope you can soak up the sweet moments and let the not so sweet ones fade out of mind quickly! ha! Blessings -