Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

This weekend RRL and I celebrated the end of our 6th year of marriage. Compared to some of our "heroes" who are in their 30th, 40th and 50th years of marriage, this milestone may seem a bit small and insignificant. However, when I look back over those six years and all that has filled them I am both proud and humbled. God has been more than good to us and that is humbling. We have worked hard through some tough times to grow our little family in the ways of the Lord and in that I take pride. I am proud to call RRL my husband. I am humbled by the fact that the Lord blessed me with someone who is an amazing daddy, an incredible minister, the most fun friend, an inspiring man of God and just my very favorite. I love you, Babe, and I'm glad I get to call you mine!

One of the things I have always loved most about my relationship with RRL is that over the last 6 years we haven't had to spend a lot of money to have fun together. It seems like each anniversary that comes around there is always something more pressing that requires any extra money we might have than doing lavish celebrations. But looking back over the last 6 years I wouldn't trade any of those memories for all the money in the world. Somehow, we have always made our anniversary day one to remember. It is always a day that we treasure as we look back and remember where we've been and as we take time to stop and celebrate the relationship that we have. As a result, I can tell you exactly how we have celebrated each of anniversaries, the memories of each are forever engraved on my heart.

This year was no different. As we are only a few weeks away from welcoming baby boy #2, traveling was definitely not an option for us. Really anything involving much more than just "hanging out" did not appeal to me. Thanks to KJ's Grammy, though, we had more than 24 hours of uninterrupted "us" time and it was amazing. We found a great deal on a hotel in town so that we could escape some of the draw toward responsibility that always traps us at home, had a great dinner laughing and talking, and spent the day visiting some of our hometown's historic sites then going to a hockey game. Nothing very exciting in itself, but because we did it together it was the MOST fun day. Another successful anniversary celebration!!

Here are a couple of pictures of our fun day (and as side bonus- a view of my GROWING belly)

I am excited about many more years with this man!



Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to a very special couple!!
Here's to many more!
Love ya,
Lisa F.

Elisa said...

Six years is such a "grown-up" amount of time to have been married. Happy Anniversary! You're looking great - can't wait to hear about the arrival of the newest L!