Friday, March 21, 2008

Let the MADNESS begin

March Madness, what a glorious event. Check out last year's post, about this same time, for more information on our family's philosophy on this topic.

My philosophy for bracket selections has not changed, especially since I watched even fewer regular season games this year. DU Blue Devils all the way, and as many TN as possible going as far as practical (regardless of silly things like records or rankings). With 5 (yes FIVE) teams from the wonderful state of TN including an amazing year for my Volunteers, and Duke with a number 2 seed I actually had one bracket with 3 teams from TN and Duke in the final four. How wonderful would that be? Not likely (especially since this includes Vandy), but that is what makes this tournament so much fun. Anything can happen.

For our family challenge, I was a little (only slightly) more conservative.
I have TN (over UNC), Georgetown (over Kansas), Duke (over UCLA) and Memphis (over TX). For one of the first times in as long as I can remember, this elite 8 is actually all 1 and 2 seeds. We'll see how that works for me.

What are your picks?


Elisa said...

I admit to knowing nothing about March Madness, except that Indiana is out. Hope that your teams have done well. Tennesee, Duke, and Memphis definitely have some good looking fans!

mindy said...

Awww - look at those little March Madness fans. I guess we are the odd family out because we are die-hard UNC fans - Roy was born and raised in Durham and went to UNC where he was a cheerleader - too small to play sports, but being a cheerleader got him to all the sports events and he saw some legendary basketball!
Naturally, we are pulling for our Tarheels all the way!
Hugs! said...

Of course my picks are the cute little boys in the picture! least one TN team is in the final 4 and I am cheering them on all the way! I will await the results tonight of the Lady Vols vs TA&M as to another TN team being in the women's final 4. I've been watching a lot of basketball lately. Maybe if I had 2 cute little boys here i wouldn't have to entertain my brain with TV sports....hmmmmm! Love to all! momma/nonna

Chad & Jennifer said...

ADORABLE!! I haven't seen the kiddos in a while...brainwashing starts early, huh? I'll have mine in Dallas Cowboys and ACU...when I have some... :)