Thursday, September 18, 2008

Good Manners Award

Tonight as we were driving home from dinner RRL was trying to tell me something about his day when we heard KJ's volume getting louder and louder from the backseat. How dare we try to have adult conversation while our children are present? We've been trying to explain to KJ lately that the way to get Mommy and Daddy's attention is to say "excuse me please" instead of yelling "HEY" or instead of just screaming at us until we answer. Tonight it clicked. Here was our conversation...

The previously mentioned volume increase was due to the fact that KJ wanted his window rolled down a little farther so...

RRL: Try again. Instead of screaming, just tell us what you want
KJ: Excuse me, please
RRL: Yes?
KJ: Want my window down
RRL: Thank you for asking nicely
RRL fixes window and we go back to our previous conversation
KJ (whose imaginary light bulb just went on): Excuse me, please
RRL: Yes, sir
KJ: "ummmmmmm"
at which point RRL and I go back to our conversation
KJ: Excuse me, please
RRL: yes, sir
KJ: (From way out in left field): wise man built his house on the rock
ABL: yes he did, do you want to sing that song (we sing then rrl and i go back to our conversation)
KJ: Excuse me, please
RRL: yes (trying not to crack up as we wait to see what he is going to come up with this time)
KJ: (grinning ear to ear) n'ermind

We gave up on our conversation.

At least he is learning good manners.



Jaime said...

HI-LARIOUS!! What a smary little guy!

Jaime said...

That was supposed to say "smart" little guy! Oops!