Monday, September 8, 2008

We interrupt this program...

I want to finish blogging about NYC and I need to give you some updates on my boys, but right now there is only one story on my mind. It is an amazing story of Faith and Hope and a testimony to the healing power of our loving Jesus. I'm a little late pointing you to it, and I'm sorry. They could still use your prayers, though, so please join me.

About 2 and 1/2 years ago, I was sitting at my desk at work in a blubbering mess. I had just received an email from Rick C. about the daughter that he and his wife, Amy were expecting. The prognosis did not look good, but the faith of this couple was compelling to say the least. As I felt KJ moving inside of me, I was especially touched by their story and their ability to witness to so many people in the middle of their pain. Even in the middle of the work day, I sat in my chair, crying, talking to my baby boy about his friend, and praying. "Oh, God, please please please, save their baby". Amazingly, it was Rick and Amy who brought me to the place where I could pray those words and know they were heard. They said, and TRULY BELIEVED, that they knew the God they loved could heal the baby they loved. While their journey was rough, their faith was strong. And against all medical odds, they were RIGHT. Precious Eva Faith is 2 now and such an amazing little lady.

But that wasn't the end of the story for this family. Next came precious Ella. Please go over to their blog and read more about Ella Hope and her family. And when you do, be prepared to be amazed and inspired. Inspired by the Hope and Faith in this family and AMAZED at what a mighty God we serve.

Also, Sweet Mindy, has been doing a great job of putting up scriptures each day that I'm sure are such an encouragement to those that are close to this story and will bless you, too. Stop by her blog and thank her for her tender heart.


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Chris Ballard said...

When ever I get down about things and not feeling God around me, I always think of Ava and now Ella and am just amazed at his power....they are both such little miracles!!!