Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Love me some Cbug

Cbug is nine-months-old (plus a couple of weeks)! This month I have loved listening to him crack himself up. He'll just be in his bed or playing and just laugh at himself. It is too funny. Also, he is finally crawling. Its still pretty rough, but he can definitely get across the room with a combination of crawling, pushing with his feet, and belly scoots.

Here are a few of my favorite recent pictures:

Yes, that is definitely an amazingly long string of drool.
Poor guy has pretty much been teething constantly for about a month!

Cbug is amazingly patient with this kind of displays of brotherly love. Sweetness

This little video is a pretty accurate display of Cbug's animated personality.

Cbug, you are such a joy to your Mommy, Daddy and Brother! We love you!!


1 comment: said...

Precious! Absolutely precious!
And, no, I don't consider myself to be biased!