Saturday, October 18, 2008

Robin Hood, an Adventure, and a Milestone

Robin Hood:
Our little Robin Hood was recently discovered emptying all of the change from my wallet into his bank. When I asked him why he was taking Momma's money he replied "Its for people to learn about Jesus". How do you argue with that?
An Adventure:
We have a creek that runs through our neighborhood. When we first moved here, before we had kids, I used to go for runs and leave the sidewalk to go down to the trail right by the creek and feel like I was on such an adventure. I'd get muddy and love it. Now I like to take the boys over to the creek to throw rocks in the water. We love finding spots where there are breaks in the trees enough to roll the stroller close to the water so Cbug can watch while KJ makes big splashes. Here are a few pictures of our recent adventure (including a picnic in the park, first).


"Look, Momma!"

Digging for rocks.

Big Splash.

There was an inch of mud caked to KJ's boots after our "adventures" were over.

A Milestone:
KJ got his first tattoo recently while attending family day at my work. And wore it proudly for nearly a week (we washed around it). He would flex his muscles and show anyone that asked...and a few people who didn't.

We certainly are having fun around here!

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Merritt said...

You are SUCH a fun mama of boys!