Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Birthday confusion

And boy howdy, he’s funny these days. Between the things that come out of his mouth and the funny expressions he makes with his face, he has me constantly cracking up. The day before his birthday, the conversation went something like this:
A: “Guess what, buddy? Tomorrow is your birthday!”
C: insert dramatic surprised/excited gasp and raised eyebrow expression
A: “What would you like to do in the morning? Maybe we could go get muffins and you could blow out candles? Does that sound like fun?”
C: “NO. Eat cake”.
And there you have it. You just never really have to guess what Cbug is thinking. He’ll let you know. Short. Sweet. To the point.

I really can not believe that my sweet boy is 2. Funny thing about, though…he is convinced he is three. KJ turned three on his birthday, so why wouldn’t C turn 3 on his? Every time I ask him how old he is, the conversation goes something like this…
A: “Cbug, How old are you?”
C: “I FREEEEE” (3)
A: “No, silly. You are two.”
C: “No, you two”
A: “No, mommy’s not two. You are two”
C: “No, you two. I free. Dat funny.” (erupting in fake laughter)
And then I walk away.

That wasn’t the only drama on Cbug’s birthday, though. We also had to convince big brother that we actually did NOT celebrate without him. When KJ woke up on January 3rd we told him. "GUESS WHAT? Cbug is not 1 anymore, he is two now." And KJ, with lip quivering and tears welling in his eyes asked “He turned two while I was asleep? Did he blow out the candles? Did he eat cake? Did he open presents?” So then we had to explain that on the day of your birthday, you change ages…even if there hasn’t been a party yet. A tough concept for a 3-year-old who is already planning his 4th birthday party (in May). His party isn’t for another couple of weeks, but we had a great morning celebrating our Cbug with donuts, presents and even candles (then finally big brother was satisfied that C was officially two).

I can’t believe another year has passed. I’m so thankful for this sweet boy!
*side note (in the last picture above, KJ has an, um...pained....expression. He was really just telling C to "pull harder" on the paper. His face cracks me up.
What a joy you are at 2 (or “free”)! You can captivate an entire room of people with your funny facial expressions, joy at the smallest delights or deep hearty laugh. You are such a busy boy yet very intentional. You move from one game to the next in your world of imagination and play. I love that I can walk around our house and tell where you have been by the perfectly straight row of toys you have organized or the puzzle you put back together. I also love that I can tell where you have been by the mess of crumbs or the tower you enjoyed building and knocking down. You can wrestle HARD with your brother then turn and run to your sister to give her kisses and tender snuggles. That just shows how you can be a completely crazy full of energy 2-year-old boy and also one of the sweetest, snuggliest and tender-hearted toddlers I’ve ever seen. I’ve never known anyone that could be so much of both! You love your siblings FIERCELY and that makes your Momma and Daddy so proud. We love that you help take care of Lou, bringing her toys, reading her books, speaking sweetly when she is upset. And we love that you look up to your brother, watching him play and trying to copy everything he does. In the same breath, you march to your own drum, blazing your own trail and creating new and different ways to do everything. You are creative and full of life. You are talking more and more these days and surprise us all the time with what you come up with to contribute to the family conversations! Most of all, though, we love that you are starting to participate in bed-time prayers and bible verses. Sweet Cbug, you are blessing to all of 4 of us and to so many others. We are so proud of the little boy that you are becoming and look forward to getting to continue this journey with you. When we pray for you we ask the Lord to grow in you these characteristics in a way that they will be used for His glory!

I love you so much, my sweet Snugglebug!


Elisa said...

Happy Birthday, Cbug!!

Merritt said...

You are SO GOOD at documenting your kiddos' lives and celebrating each one of them so well. I'm inspired and proud to be your friend. Happy bday, Cbug!

Jim said...

Happy birthday a few days late my little c-bug! Your nonna misses you! But, I'm with KJ, I would be very sad if I had missed the birthday cake and blowing out the candles and opening presents. Thank you for waiting to celebrate! I love you!

Jim said...

actually the above comment was from nonna, I forgot i was on papa jim's computer....