Friday, January 8, 2010

So very shy...

In her 6th month, you should definitely feel so sad for princess Lou.

For starters, people keep putting cameras in her face and she just can't figure out what to do. Poor thing is so camera shy. She would NEVER strain to be seen from behind her sibling when she hears the word "cheese".

She has nothing to play with and no one entertain her. She is just stuck in a world of trucks and balls and not enjoying it one bit.

As you can see, this poor princess is not a bit girly and hates to be dressed up! And please please please...don't point a camera her direction. She's so shy she just doesn't know what to do.

Oh, its just so TOUGH to be the baby-sister-princess!
Our 6-month-old would love to fool you into thinking you should feel sorry for her because things like her 6-month birthday pass with nary a blog mention. After all, she is the baby of the family. But don't fall for it. She'd love you to think she is just STARVING for attention. But don't be fooled. I'm afraid we've created a monster...but how could we help it. JUST LOOK AT THOSE EYES!


Sarah Lou said...

she is just beautiful...all smiles!!

Katie and James said...

We love Libby! Can't wait to see her teach Emma to play with all those trucks and balls :)