Thursday, February 11, 2010


We've managed to miss all of the snow this season (being out of town)....until today! SO M-U-C-H fun!

That is... for Cbug as long as he stayed out of it!
(seriously, who has a yard full of snow and heads for the dry sandbox to play alone...typical Cbug)

..and fun for KJ while his snowballs/snowman making attention span lasted, for about 6.3 minutes.
(which was just long enough to get snow all over Mommy!) least it was fun for the Daddy and the Momma (I built the snowman and took the pictures).

Ah well.  What do you expect for a couple of Texas boys who've hardly experienced temperatures below freezing, wear socks on their hands and don't even own winter coats (dont' worry, grandparents, they had on lots of layers).

Doesn't this crack you up? They were clinging to each other like their Momma was torturing them
by making them stand in the snow for a picture.  What a mean Mommy!

Maybe it will be fun next year.



Giggi said...

greatness! i love it! said...

This nonna laughed herself silly! Come on boys! A little snow never hurt anyone! I used to get your momma out of bed to go out in the snow! Love the pics! Love to all. Drink lots of hot chocolate with marshmallows and stay warm.

Kyla said...

Of course Dallas would get a big snow right after we moved away from there! :( Those pictures are so funny! Guess a snow-skiing trip won't be in your near future. Ha! You should bring them to visit us this summer. They would have a blast at the beach!!