Tuesday, May 17, 2011

MMM: Pi Day

You can learn all kinds of amazingness via facebook, even if you are facebook-sporadic (as the case may be). 
For instance, Did YOU KNOW...

March 14 is National Pi day
(get it...3.14?  I know, it took me a minute, too)

Your life is complete now that you have that amazing piece of information, isnt it?  But, if you happen to have just arrived back in town on a Sunday evening, and are looking for something spur-of-the moment to do with your children on a Monday (which happens to be 3.14), this is MOST excellent information to stumble across.  And its even better news when paired with the fact that I did a quick library search and found this treasure...

The treasure that my treasures are holding, that is.  A book on the very subject that includes DRAGONS...what boy doesn't love dragons?  RRL picked it up for us Monday morning and MMM:Pi Day was born (or "circle day" as KJ dubbed it).

Who knew so many activities could include circles?
We made circle pictures, decorated with circle stickers.  The boys loved this project, Lou thought her pink paper was complete with a single basketball and a couple of scribble.

We also headed outside for more circle drawing, this time with sidewalk chalk.  We even tested "Pi" by counting the number of steps around a circle compared to the number of steps straight through a circle.  Even with anything but even "stepping" contributed by the expert-measuring-team, we got pretty close to 3 times more steps around than through.  The kids didn't get it...at all...but I thought it was cool.

 Next we did some "circle exercising"...totally made this up to kill time...and energy. 

 After using all our "circle" energy, its time to refuel...with some circle lunches.

 Pi Day Pies.
Seriously, if you have small children (and aren't afraid of a little mess), this was an awesome activity.  Jello pudding pies.  I just followed the very simple no-bake directions on the box, let the kids fill the pie shells however they wanted, and sprinkled some Andes mint pieces on top.  YUMMY, and the kids LOVED it, too. (well, two of them did.  I can't remember why exactly, but KJ was sulking about something and didn't want to participate).  You'll notice that most of the pies were "unsharable" by the time Cbug and Lou licked all over them, but the fun they had was totally worth it.  This kept them occupied FOREVER.  I love the pictures of the incredible duo "cleaning-up" the chocolate mess.  These two are hilarious together these days.  I love the sweet relationship they are forming.

We had such a fun "Circle Day"- can't wait to celebrate again next year.  It was so sweet of the Lord to give me this special day of JOY with my three treasures.  By that very night there were three more treasures sleeping in their rooms, so it was a much needed day of fun for us.  One I'll treasure, messes and all, for a very long time.

Thanks, Facebook.  And thanks, Pi Day!  You were well celebrated by Team L.

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Anonymous said...

Love it! Love the pies, love that you taught the kids to "audit" pi and make sure it was right (even if they didn't get it!), love it all! You inspire me!

-Julie Grimsley