Monday, September 26, 2011

MMM (rewind): Apple Orchard

One Monday morning, at the end of September, the weather was finally tolerable (ie you could go outside without melting in your own SWEAT).  I really wanted to GO SOMEWHERE with the kiddos for our Monday activity and enjoy the outdoors.  I did some quick online research and found that a little apple orchard near our house was open for visitors.

OR so I thought.
I knew just driving down the road that lead to the orchard that this day was going to be just magical.  Not too many miles from our home, this was the scene as we were driving along.  Isn't it beautiful? And quiet.

I knew it was going to be a morning full of fun and learning. I was pretty proud of my still-feeling-pretty-lousy self for coming up with the GENIUS plan for our morning. Already blogging about it in my head as we drove down this road (before we even arrived). I KNOW.

I mean, LOOK.  Here is a learning opportunity before we even make it inside. 
Look how intent these three are on "reading" the rules.
Interpreted for my 5, 3, and 2-year-old: We are responsible for our own actions.
Interpreted for the Momma: Keep a close eye on said 5, 3 and 2-year-old. 

OH WAIT.  Maybe the kids weren't all that interested in reviewing the safety sign.
They were actually checking out this new "friend".
Until he hopped/flew his huge self away and sent a certain princess into near hysterics.

So, when we finally made it inside (by walking right through an open gate), we found out that the farm was closed for the day.  (Ok, so maybe I should have wondered why there were not any other cars in the parking lot).  What I didn't read on the website was that this is a "teaching farm" so they really only take school groups, which we might have been able to join except there weren't any scheduled this Monday.  Ah well.  AND since it is really just a "teaching" farm there weren't large bushels of fresh fruits and vegetables to take home with us as I had naively imagined.

BUT there were apples to pick.
One per picker.
The trees were perfect for my three because they were "dwarf" apple trees...lots of low-hanging-fruit that was just the right size for a snack.

my camera battery died. 
The end.

No pictures of Cbug picking his apple
Or of the very cool butterfly garden
or the chicken coop
or of Lou clinging to me for dear life, so she wouldn't be pecked to death by those chickens (which were still inside the coop)

So, even though we had to give ourselves the tour
and even though we didn't leave with a bushel of apples for pie making
and even though I had to adjust my "fun meter" from my expectation
and even though I don't have many pictures to show for it...

It was a great apple-pickin', critter chasing, butterfly watching Monday.

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