Monday, September 12, 2011

now THAT's a holiday...

This Labor Day weeekend,
we went exploring. 

We were looking for the perfect place to
be in the woods,                 together,                  discovering new and exciting things (like pine needles) 

And maybe a place where we could do a little fishin'.

It didn't even really matter to us if there was water to fish in. 
Just a little open space to practice casting would work just as well.

We needed to find a place where even the relaxing could be so much fun!

And we'd LOVE it if there just happened to be a train ride.
(Although maybe a certain three-year-old should be warned that we might not win the onboard competition for cotton-candy)

It would make the place all the sweeter if there were times to share...
and times you didn't have to share (like when playing king of the mountain).

 But best of all, the place would be a PERFECT holiday get-away if we went there with some of our favorite people.

Beaver's Bend, OK        Labor Day 2011

Now THAT was a perfect holiday adventure!


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