Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Just some Thanksgiving highlights...

We are thankful for...
We counted down to Thanksgiving throughout the month of November by writing our blessings on leaves and turkeys.  I had grand plans for putting these on the wall in our dining room, like we did with our leaves last year, but truth be told...they never made it out of the basket.  I even cut out "We are thankful for..." with the"..." included to put as fun header over it.  Yep, the letters stayed in the basket, too.  Ah well.  I'm savin' em for next year!

I ABSOLUTELY did love the list, though, once it was completed and having this fun part of our dinner-time conversation throughout the month.  We had some super sweet moments like Lou being thankful that "God made me", Cbug being thankful for Heaven and KJ being thankful for "Our awesome God".  And also some super random moments like Lou being thankful for "pink", Cbug being thankful for "chickens" and KJ being thankful for "teeth".  After we finished the month, both this year and last year, I went back and wrote the "thankfuls" from the leaves/turkeys into a journal.  I think someday the kids will love reading back over these.  I already do.

Just a little morning jog
On Thanksgiving morning, RRL and I got up super early to go run a half marathon.  I was so thankful that I changed my methods to employ a 8minutes/2minutes run and walk routine.  It made it a much better experience than my long-runs leading up to this point.  At 18 weeks pregnant, I was pretty proud of our 2:14 time, even with those walk breaks.  It was an awesome run along the river, perfect weather and not very many people...PLUS we got these awesome turkey trophies.  Thrilling!

Fun at Grammy's house
I was just a teensy bit sore after running (read, I didn't move much without moaning), thanks to a round ligament along the right side of my abdomen that I didn't even know existed until this pregnancy.  But we all still really enjoyed our time at Grammy's house.  Fun times helping in the kitchen, snuggling and story time, playing cars, celebrating Aunt B's birthday, putting up her Christmas tree, spending the night, enjoying cereal for lunch the next day and just enjoying being with some of the people we are most thankful for!

In fact we were so busy just relaxing and enjoying being together that I did not take many pictures.  I love that we spent the day, and really the whole month, just being reminded of how very VERY blessed we are. 
I hope that spirit of Thanksgiving is one we carry with us all year long.

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