Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Tradition and a Favorite Picture

Starting early on Halloween morning, I got text messages from my family about their lunch or dinner plans.  For years, it has sort of been the running family joke about our Halloween tradition of eating soup and grilled cheese for dinner. The tradition dates back as long as I can remember.  The joke dates back to my freshman year of college when my slightly (read: very) homesick self attempted to "hold to tradition" by making soup and grilled cheese in my dorm room (using only a toaster and microwave) while back home, hundreds of miles away, the rest of my family went out to eat.
This year, once again, I made sure that at least FIVE of us STUCK to that tradition.
And hundreds of miles away:
one brother introduced his new fiance to the tradtion, too
one brother and his wife ate Mexican
and my parents went out to eat.
Ah well.
But good job, Lt D!  I knew I could count on you!!
Grilled Cheese on sour dough bread and Chicken noodle soup in the crockpot per this recipe:

Now for a new favorite picture.
A certain picture of the trio with Santa was my favorite, but it has been replaced.  The Santa picture was my favorite because of the way it captured so well the little personalities of my three favorite children.

This new picture is beloved for the SAME reason.
A picture truly is worth a thousand words.

Our Knight in shining armour, Princess Aurora, and the very scary Dragon (who would remind us that he was only PRETENDING to be scary.)
Compliant KJ, cooperating to get the job done.  Ready to go get candy and being old enough to know how to play "the game."
Crazy Cbug, caught somewhere between making a mean dragon face and just being READY to get in the van and GO.  Not interested at all in faking anything just to appease his mother.
And then there's Lou.  Always expressive, always in love with the camera, always caught between her two crazy brothers.

Yep, that is our crew. And I love every detail of this picture because I love every ounce of these three stinkers.

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Brooks Inc. said...

This is a PRECIOUS picture of your 3...Such personality! I love you so much. I'm ready to head to Starbucks and check out the rats again!:)