Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas in Music City

How can it possibly be too late to blog about Christmas when there are picture treasures like these that have yet to make a blog appearance?
(I still can't figure out why anyone might think these boys are twins)

Before Christmas we celebrated in Music City with my family. 
My WHOLE family.
By a real Christmas miracle we all managed to be in one place at one time for several days.  It has been years since we were all home for Christmas together and it was a true gift.  Our family has grown considerably since the last time we gathered.  Ricky and I have added children and my brothers have added wives (or nearly added) so I finally get to have sisters when we are together!  That said, some of my very favorite memories of the whole season were those when the 12 (including RRL's sister) gathered around the table together laughing about memories and sharing about more recent life experiences.

Another favorite memory is one that gets recreated each year, but always makes my list.
The trip to Lynchburg and Mrs Bobos is always awesome.  Especially when celebrated with this fun crew.
Well, there was that one year...but we won't talk about that. 
I love the fellowship of cousins (old and young)
The fun to be had with Aunts and Uncles.

And of course, anywhere you go with Nonna and Papa J is a TREAT.

Actually, its a treat to be with Nonna and Papa J, even when you aren't going anywhere at all.  In fact, some of the trio's favorite things happen at Nonna and Papa J's house, without going anywhere at all.
Like making biscuits.

And celebrating Christmas.
I love this picture of all of us waiting upstairs before we got to go open presents.  The Aunts and Uncles were great sports about being woken up to head downstairs.  Which is quite amusing to this momma because two of those uncles used to always be the ones to wake ME up to enjoy the morning.

A Christmas highlight this year was going to sing at the nursing home my mom worked for.  The kids LOVE performing for a room full of "grandparents".  Seriously, my kids are naturally not very shy, but this was bold even for them.  They sang, said memory verses, told Christmas poems and just generally entertained.  Must have been the microphone.
And just in case anyone was worried that the trio found some fun to be had while their Daddy and I were off celebrating our anniversary, let me just put those fears to rest.  They had an awesome time being entertained by Nonna, Papa J and Aunt B with everything from adventures outside to going to the zoo to getting to make a special visit to the children's place I loathe most on the planet...CHUCK E CHEESE.  Yep, they were spoiled indeed.

 But my two very favorite memories from the whole week are wrapped up the next two pictures.  They really aren't anything that significant to anyone except their momma, but when I remember Christmas from 2011 these are the two memories I can picture myself thinking back on with a smile.

First of all, around Christmas time, Lou started LOVING to help in the kitchen.  Whether setting the table, helping cook, you name she is right there.  So, when Nonna asked her to wipe the counters after making biscuits she was ON IT.  And even if she didn't quite know how to finish the job, she is smart enough to figure it out...She didn't know that Nonna and I were watching as she meticulously gathered all of the crumbs into a little pile, looked both ways then casually pulled the baking sheet that was on the counter over the little pile.  ALL CLEAN.  Oh, this girl is something else I tell ya.

My other favorite memory of the rascals was getting to sit just far enough away from them at Christmas dinner to hear their conversation.  They were at their own little table, just behind my chair.  Its the first time I can really remember that they just sat and ate and talked and laughed and entertained themselves through the whole meal.  Their conversation ranged all over the map.  I had to restrain my giggles at the things they intently discussed.  It was such a special glimpse for me into the amazing relationship these three are forming.

There ya have it!  Christmas in Music City 2011.!


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