Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Celebrating FOUR!

Cbug had a big time celebrating his fourth birthday.  He had several different celebrations and for our number/date-loving-boy it was a little hard for him to understand that they weren't all on January 3rd.  This is the boy that always knows exactly what day of the week it is and what date it is on the calendar and has all of his family member's birthdays and ages memorized.  In fact, when we were at Grammy's house to celebrate she said "do you want to blow out the candles on your birthday cake?" he responded with "But today is January 6th." We all quickly glanced at our watches/phones to check the date.  He was right.  How dare we question?  So we explained that sometimes birthdays get celebrated other days. He pretty quickly recovered from the confusion when there was cake, presents, friends and family involved.

We celebrated with our little team of 5 by giving him his present before school
(which was greatly enhanced by the fact that trash truck came by right as he was going for his first ride.  still one of his very favorite things).

and going to get donuts together.

We celebrated at school.

and we celebrated Cars style (shocking) with friends and family at the playscape. 

Such a fun celebration of our big boy!  Even if it wasn't all on January 3rd.  And if you ask Cbug what he thought about the celebrations...
He'll give it a thumbs up!
We sure love our Cbug.

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