Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas with Grammy

One final Christmas celebration had to wait until the first week of January until all of RRL's family could be in town.  Not that we minded spreading out the celebrations.  In fact, getting together in January meant that we really had more time that weekend to just enjoy being together.  And that was a true gift.
Speaking of gifts.  Its pretty sad that these kiddos did not get any.  They loved hiding behind the piles.

But even more, they loved just being with the gift givers.
They loved being at Grammy's house.

And getting to celebrate with Uncle J and Jac

More time with Aunt B is always high on their list of fun!

With that many people to love on them, there was never a shortage of anyone to play with them, giggle with them, snuggle them or read to them.  They loved it! 

And they loved the treats that come with being at Grammy's.  Like a cereal feast for dinner one night and a picnic lunch in the living room. 
These memories at Grammy's were a gift indeed!

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