Tuesday, May 8, 2012


If home is where the heart is,
then I know exactly where mine (on this earth) can be found.

That's good to remember, too.
Because I had thought that by the time we packed baby C up to come home,
there was a chance we might not live in this same house,
the same house to which we brought home all 3 of his "bigs".
And that was nearly enough to send me right on over the emotional cliff.

While I really am so thankful that we got to walk up the same sidewalk, stand on the same front porch and enter through the same front door with C baby, 

I couldn't help but be reminded that wherever these blessings are (and their handsome Daddy),
 THAT will be where my home is.

A timely reminder since it does seem that a move to a new house is imminent for us
(because it makes complete sense to sell your house and move with three small children and a newborn, right?)

So, baby brother, whatever our address may be...welcome home!
Welcome to being doted on and adored.
Welcome to the chaos, our own little circus.
Welcome to our hearts.
(You sister loves you so much she is willing to share her baby with you, her other baby. Baby brother, meet Charlotte.)
Welcome home.



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