Sunday, March 11, 2012

Celebrating my Favorite

No matter how you punctuate the title of this post, it would be true...

CELEBRATING!  My favorite!!
Celebrating my favorite!

I love celebrating just about anything, but I especially love when we get to celebrate RRL.  For his birthday, he CHOSE to do something our whole family would enjoy.  BOWLING.  The boys, especially, have been begging to go so they were THRILLED that this was his choice.    I love that this was his idea of a celebration.

Between the bowling and the bowling ally food (GAG) a fun time was had by all while we celebrated.

There was a lot to celebrate, too, when you are playing with bumpers.  LOTS of strikes.  CBUG cracked us up with his crossed-arm-strike-celebratory-pose and KJ would stand at the end of the lane pleading his ball toward the center.  Love it.  Oh, and the princess, true to usual, needed all 3 of her men to help her out.
I didn't do much bowling, but the humor of the size comparison did not escape us.

Happy Birthday, Babe.
You are my favorite. 
And one of my favorite reasons to

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