Saturday, March 31, 2012


So, here are some highlights for March.  What a month!  And I thought this was going to be our "down-time" before baby arrival.  The March opener at the hospital ended that dream in a quick hurry.  But we did have some fun!

Lou learned the art of the "Shower"
or as she would say "The GUHL PAH-TEE"
Twice she got to attend events filled with presents and treats and NO BOYS and our little social princess decided there could be NOTHING better.

First, she got to be center stage to celebrate her baby brother.  My sweet friends from work threw a shower for baby C at a little tea room near us, and invited Lou to join us.  She got to leave pre-school in the middle of the day, order her own lunch, eat a cupcake AND open baby C's presents.  Yep, GUHL PAH-TEEs are F-U-N!

 Her second round was to celebrate the addition of another famale to my family HOORAY for sister-in-laws.  I've got two fantastic ones!  Lou loved playing games, snuggling with her Nonna, helping D open presents and of course...eating cupcakes!

And while they were in town for D's shower, we also got to celebrate my Momma's birthday with my parents.  What a treat to have them!

The next March occurrence may not seem all that noteworthy.
Unless you have boys.  Boys who can wear out clothes and shoes like it IS THEIR JOB.
Seriously, my boys can get holes even in their PAJAMA pants for cryin' out loud.
So, its quite noteworthy that they received these AWESOME spiderman shoes in March.
I mean what could be better to a boy than combining 1) shoes that make you run fast with 2) spiderman.
I'll tell you what could be better- spiderman shoes that make you run fast AND last 8 solid months.  Seriously, as I write this post (in December) the boys are STILL wearing these shoes.  They've worn them nearly every day for 8 months.  Granted they are getting too small now, but still that's got to be some kind of record for us.

With pretty weather in March and Cbug feeling better, we were able to soak up a little more sunshine in March.  I was happy to do it because  it got us out of the house and I didn't know how much longer we'd be able to have these walks to the park since our house was for sale. 

And while we were there I took one of those pictures that make you realize why it is you feel SO HUGE...because you ARE so huge!  Cbug, are you under there?

And there you have it-
a SUPER quick March through March.
Good thing we have on our fast shoes.

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