Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dad is Just like Abe Lincoln...and other February Funnies

God or Jesus and the Crocodiles
Lou goes through spells where she wakes up crying in the middle of the night, or just shows up in our room.  It is usually because she has either had a bad dream or because her legs hurt.  I totally get the legs hurting- I used to have HORRIBLE growing pains.  But the bad dreams I really want to teach her how to handle on her own (eventually) so RRL and I try to give her some things she can think or pray when she wakes up from one.  Last week when she was telling about about a bad dream involving Crocodiles trying to get her feet, I suggested that next time the crocs showed up maybe she could just tell them to go back to the zoo where they belong.  Her response:
  "Nah, I think I'll just tell God or Jesus, whichever one handles the Crocodiles, to take care of them for me"
Well, ok, then there's that option.

The Invisible Man Saves the Day
Cbug has the most tender heart toward his sister.  She is not really at an age that makes that very easy, either.  She occasionally (cough cough) tries to get him in trouble by whining or crying if he doesn't do things her way.  But he still plays with her and takes care of her (except for the occasionally frustrated lash-out which is definitely not ok, but I can't say that I always blame him either).  Recently the three of us were playing Candyland. I won.  Cbug got second.  And Lou started (fake) crying, "BUT I DIDN'T WANT to be LAST."  She was hoping Cbug would give in and let her beat him.  But instead he patiently and with much enthusiasm responded "But Sissy, you didn't get last.  There is an invisible man playing the game with us and he got fourth place.  You totally beat him and got third.  See, you aren't last."  The hilarious part (if that wasn't funny enough) was that she was totally great with that explanation.  I'm going to have to remember that.

The Monster at the Ball
Cbug and Lou, on our days of playing at home, are both having to learn to be patient with Little Bear having increasing access to the toys they leave on the floor.  Recently, they had set up all of the Little People princesses and superheros at the Castle for a ball.  They were getting so frustrated because the dancing kept getting interrupted by LB crawling right through the people, putting some in his mouth, knocking them over, etc.  At first they got frustrated but when i asked if they could come up with a way for their baby brother to play along, they invented layer 2 of the game...Now, it was time for everyone to go home from ball but they had to rush to their houses before the evil monster came out of the woods and attacked them.  (interpretation: clean up all of the people quickly before Little Bear could eat them).

Family Movie Night
It was thanks to KJ that we had one of our very best family nights during February.  Don't get me wrong, its not like it was anything wildly creative, it was a family movie night.  But somehow, because biggest brother was planning the Friday night shin-dig all week, the excitement level at our house was through the roof.  Cbug's teacher even sent a note home 'Hope you all enjoy family movie night tonight, Cbug has been telling us about it all week."  To KJ's credit, it was a well thought out event.  He chose a movie everyone would enjoy (Robin Hood- Disney version, of course) and made two lists.  The first list was the evenings "activities" which included "1)Eat and 2) Watch a movie in our PJs" and also a list of items that he needed us to buy before the evening.  Here's a photo of his "Ingredients".

The last item totally stumped me.  Turns out, he wanted dinner to be from one of his favorite restaurants "Celebrity" (with a silent H of course).

Daddy is just like Abe Lincoln
KJ really is learning a lot in Kindergarten. But often his application of his newly gained knowledge just cracks me up. For example:

KJ "When will Daddy get to be the Dad on Duty?"
ABL: I'm not sure buddy, he has tried to contact the people in charge but has not really had much success.
KJ: So, he has to wait until he gets elected?
ABL: Yeah, I guess so. He's trying to be patient but he really wants to come to your school.
KJ: He's just like our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln.
ABL (confused): Oh really, how is that?
KJ: Well, Abraham Lincoln really wanted to get elected to be Governor, but he didn't get to be but he didn't give up and then he beat the same guy and got to be president. And then he freed all of the slaves because he finally got elected.
ABL: Yep, just like that. (what was I supposed to say)


The Brackeens said...

The crocodiles story has me laughing out loud!!! I'm so sad about her growing pains. I had absolutely HORRIBLE ones growing up. I remember them waking me up in the middle of the night, but I didn't want to wake any one up, so I just layed there and cried. :( I hope hers go away soon. I was much older. And you'd think with all that, I'd be taller. I should recieve some kind of award for going through that, right?!?! ;)

Jessica said...

Oh, how I'd love to be a fly on the wall at your house... :)