Monday, March 4, 2013


 I've never really minded the idea of my children getting older.  There are certain milestones that make me sentimental, of course, but for the most part each new age or stage comes with new and exciting things that they are learning.  Just like I'd never wish away the young years, I've also never considered asking them to linger.

Until Little Bear.  In many ways, I'm excited to catch glimpses of what he'll be like as he continues to show personality and interact more with the rest of our family.  However, I also would not mind one bit if we just stopped counting the months.  Despite my best efforts, he just keeps getting older.  I've asked him not to, but he insists on inching closer to being one-year-old, which is practically the same as OH MY WORD, MY BABY IS GOING OFF TO COLLEGE.  It is so selfish of him.

With each new month he seems to grow exponentially.  Sometime between this picture at 7 months

And this one at 8.  He could stand, assisted.

And then by this one at 9 months, he could pull himself up completely.  And with this talent, also come the ability to stand-up in his bed.  Unfortunately, it was not coupled with the ability to lay himself back down.

And by the time of this one, just a week ago (at his 10-month-birthday) he could officially crawl at lightening speeds.  He now views any closed door, drawer or cabinet as his personal invitation to F-U-N in the form of emptying the contents.    He also makes the silliest faces, can say "Da-da" and just laughs when I request a "Ma-Ma".  Oh, and he loves to eat EVERYTHING (even princesses and superheros).

Also, his reaction time to grab something that he wants has far surpassed my reaction time to keep him from it.  As evidenced by the fact that the above photo was taken seconds before the following one.  Sweet Little Bear decided that he really WANTED the camera, dove forward to grab it, and met the sidewalk with his forehead (bruise to your left).  With me sitting right in front of him. 

I'm going to have to work on my reflexes if I'm going to keep up with this one.
That, or he could just stop growing up.
And we all know which one I'm voting for!

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