Sunday, September 8, 2013

All dressed up with someplace to go

I hear the wedding planning business is a booming one.
Apparently, brides are willing to shell out big bucks if you will make her day perfect.
I could write a whole book about my thoughts on that matter.
It probably wouldn't be very popular.

But if I'm going to tap into this booming wedding business, maybe instead I should write something called:
"Being the mom of the wedding parties' mini-members."
With the subtitle 
"You are going to need a LOT of pennies"

Its not that I have any kind of marketable knack.
Its just that my children have made a grand total of 20 combined appearances 
(in 8 separate weddings).
And you can't do that and not learn a few things.

Like buying miniature tuxedos on ebay.
We own four tuxedos (in two different sizes) with an assortment of ties
 as well as an array of flower girl dresses.

And the trick of giving bribes which fit in their pockets or baskets- like pennies.

Surprisingly enough, I love it when my children are asked to play this special role.
Having my children be the mini-wedding-party-members honestly doesn't stress me out (anymore).

Don't get me wrong. There has been quite a lot of trial and error.
Mostly error.
(like the time KJ's newly polished BLACK shoe came in contact with a brides beautiful WHITE dress)

We've definitely had to make some adjustments to our wedding routine over time.

Mostly we've learned that you can't roll at the same pace or schedule as the rest of the wedding party
Which is actually how we got these pictures.  All 6 of us were hiding out. Outside.  
Far away from the rest of the getting-ready-for-the-wedding-hub-bub.

We've learned that since the majority of brides and grooms have never been parents- shockingly, they don't really get why certain times of the day and certain situations are recipes for disaster.  And they shouldn't have to be worried about those things on their big day.  So, only we-their parents- can really advocate for our kiddos.  Which means,  I've even said "no" to requests that I thought wouldn't be in their best interest.

But when the requests are reasonable (even over-the-top but still reasonable)-
You just figure out ways to make things fun so they'll want to participate.
You have to plan to do things that they don't normally get to do.

And you have to talk about the cake.
A lot.

So, if you are looking for a circus to entertain during your big day,
I happen to know where you can find one.

OR, even better,
if your kiddos are the ones invited to play this special role- just remember:
Nothing they can do can actually keep the bride and groom from getting married.
Even if they do invite the father-of-the-groom to play catch with the ring pillow mid-ceremony.
So sit back and enjoy your children being dressed up and doted on.
It's that simple.

Well, that-
 and bring a lot of pennies.


This series of pictures is one of my very favorites of these four blonds.  I love that we captured them exactly as I imagine I'll remember this stage in life- a lotta parts crazy with even more parts adorable.  We snapped away while we waited for the summer wedding of RRL's sister to begin.  And if you think these pictures are should see the ones from when three of these rascals figured out the concept of the photo booth at the reception.

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